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Information for Parents and Students

Sponsored Dual Credit/Dual Enrollment

Eastern Oregon University has issued a proposal to increase the number of eastern Oregon residents who attend and graduate from college. EOU is committed to providing early college learning opportunities on high school campuses throughout the region.

Sponsored dual credit /dual enrollment  provides discounted tuition rates to high school students who are attending high schools located throughout Oregon.

Sponsored dual credit is defined as the award of secondary and post-secondary credit concurrently for a course offered in high school during regular school hours. To receive SDC, EOU will authorize credit for specfic classes taught by approved, qualified instructors at the high school level.


Eastern Promise will provide increased access for high school students interested in earning college credits. SDC classes are delivered in the high school classroom by high school teachers, enabling students to earn early college credit. Eastern Promise SDC credits also satisfy high school course requirements.

For more in-depth information please view our Eastern Promise Student Handbook .


The 2021-22 tuition for Sponsored Dual Credit classes is $40 per credit.

Basic steps to the become an Eastern Promise student:

Step 1:
Approved teachers/administrators at the school will assist their students with completing the online non-admit high school application, and send the Financial Responsibility form home for parents to sign.

Step 2:
Student returns the completed form to the high school teacher.  EOU requires the Financial Responsibility form prior to course registration.

Step 3:
Teachers/administrators will return the Financial Responsibility forms to Eastern Promise – Eastern Oregon University / Laurie Powell, and assist students with accessing their EOU Webster account to get registered for the course.

Please note, incomplete forms and applications cannot be processed.

Taking an on-campus or online class at EOU

Eastern Oregon University will provide high school students the opportunity to get a jump start on college.  Students who are currently high school seniors, juniors and qualified sophomores (according to Oregon policy) enrolled in public, non-public secondary schools, or a home education program may be eligible to participate in early college credit courses either on-campus or online.  Students must be 16 to become eligible to participate in early college credit at EOU.  It is up to the student’s school district if they will accept EOU credit as a dual credit to meet their high school diploma requirement.

Students must provide:

  • Proof of high school enrollment
  • Verification from the state of Oregon of your home schooling status
  • A letter from their counselor as well as academic history indicating they are qualified and prepared for college courses

A minimum high school GPA of 3.0 is  generally required.

Students and parents should also understand that the amount of work necessary to succeed in college level courses will be greater than in high school courses. Prior academic performance must indicate expectation of successful completion of college enrollment and college coursework.

Tuition for EOU college credit programs are based upon the current policy for high school student tuition. Additional fees may be required for some courses (i.e. lab fees, etc.).


2021-22 Tuition for classes taken on-campus or online is $70 per credit, plus any fees listed with the course.

If you are unsure of your eligibility or have questions, please contact Laurie Powell in the Eastern Promise office at 541.962.3941.


Interested in a Writing or Math Class?

Prior to registering for math or writing courses, students must take the Accuplacer exam . You must meet the required score to be eligible to enroll in college level math and writing.

Contact the Testing Center for more information. Accuplacer exams can be taken in the testing center on the EOU campus, at a regional site center, or proctored at a high school with approval from the EOU testing center director.

If you think you have already met requirements for your course selection, you may not need to take Accuplacer and will need to contact the Eastern Promise office.


Helpful Links:

To become an EOU High School student click here.

High School Consent to Release Information Form – Oregon law prohibits EOU from giving parents access to student information except with the student’s voluntary written consent. This form requires a student’s signature and should be returned to Eastern Promise office – ep@eou.edu

Eastern Promise Oregon Transfer Module

Important Information for High School Administrators/Counselors

Scholarship Information:

Oregon Student Access Commission


If you have questions, please contact Laurie Powell ep@eou.edu | 541-962-3941.