Dual Credit

Dual Enrollment Programs and Steps

Eastern Oregon University will provide high school students who are attending regional high schools located throughout eastern Oregon, the opportunity to get a jump on college while still in high school.

  • The EOU Sponsored Dual Enrollment Program is defined as the award of college credit concurrently, for approved classes taught by qualified high school instructors at the school during regular school hours.
  • EOU and Eastern Promise also offers regular and Weekend College courses for high school students.

To receive the correct high school rate, please complete the following  steps:

Class Registration Steps


For questions, please call Laurie at (541) 962-3941


Interested in a Writing or Math Class?

Prior to registering for math or writing courses, students must take the Accuplacer exam . You must meet the required score to be eligible to enroll in college level math and writing. Use the Accuplacer Tool to find out more information.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 When you have finished the Accuplacer exam contact Laurie Powell to receive your results.

Contact the Testing Center to schedule an appointment. This can be arranged either on EOU’s campus, at a regional center, or at a high school.

Testing Center

Zabel Hall, room 112
La Grande, Oregon 97850
Phone: 541.962.3788
Fax: 541.962.3431

E-mail: testing@eou.edu