EOU courses available to High School students

Summer 2018 College Courses

Registration for these courses opens to high school students on Monday April 30th at 8:00 am. Summer term starts June 15th, 2018.

For a tutorial on how to register click here. To become an EOU High School student click here.

Questions please contact Laurie Powell ep@eou.edu | 541-962-3941.


Subj Title Camp CRN
ANTH 100-Intro to Anthropology*SSC Online 12331
BA 131-Business Data Processing Online 12266
BIOL 101-Intro to Biology*SMI Online 12318
BIOL 102-Intro to Biology*SMI Online 12319
BIOL 103-Intro to Biology*SMI Online 12320
COM 111-Interperson Comm*GTW Online 12383
COM 112-Public Speaking*GTW Online 12328
COM 125-Foundations of Digital Media*APC Online 12412
ENGL 136-Themes-Food & Culture*AEH Online 12415
HWS 198-Outdr Act/Lifetime Wellness Online 12262
LIB 127-Information Literacy*GTW Online 12344
MUS 101-Elements Music*APC Online 12324
MUS 107-Listen in Music*AEH Online 12325
SPAN 108-1st Yr Spanish*AEH Online 12397
SPAN 109-1st Yr Spanish*AEH Online 12398
THEA 112-Introduction to Theatre*APC Online 12390
WR 121-Expos Prose Writing*GTW Online 12349
WR 131-Explor Pros Wr*APC Online 12350