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Eastern Promise

Early College – Dual Credit – Educator’s Professional Development

Welcome to the future of dual credit partnerships at Eastern Oregon University. Eastern Promise is the one-stop-shop for Early College Credit, Dual Credit, and Educational Professional Development for educators at all levels. High school students can earn college credit towards actual bachelor degrees while in high school, saving them time and money. PreK-12 staff, teachers, and all educators can explore professional development courses and licensure pathways.

Eastern Promise at EOU – The future of dual credit & professional development starts here.

Take University Courses while still in High School

High school students everywhere can start college classes and begin working on their degree. Classes are available dual credit or overload in addition to your regular classes.

Early College Dual Credit offers high school students to take an accelerated path towards college admission and earning a bachelor’s degree.

Study on Your Own Schedule

Classes are available 100% online or taught directly at your high school – you have options. Online classes allow students to work on their own schedule.

In class options merge your high school schedule with college courses. Both options help you get ahead.

Dual Credit Courses & Career Pathways

All of the dual credit courses available to students count towards actual degrees at EOU!

Earning both high school and college credit at the same time gets you closer to earning your degree and starting your career.

One Stop Shop – Professional Development for Educators

Eastern Oregon University partners with school districts and local communities.

Administrators, Teachers, Para-Professionals, and even the families of our school partners can take advantage of:

  • Build “grow your own” teacher programs
  • Empower para-professionals to earn their teaching license in only 10 months
  • Award PDUs and college credit for teachers to maintain licensure or move up pay scales
  • Offer over 30 certificate and degree programs to educational partners and their families

You Have ALL the Support You Need


Advising a student? Seeking a new credential, license, or continuing education? Submitting grades for classes you are teaching? We can help!

High School Counselors

Building a student schedule? Checking final grades for dual-credit courses? Want to complete a Student Academic Wellness Check? We do that!

University Advisors

Students, high school teachers, counselors, administrators, parents – anyone. Want help? You have a partner Advisor at Eastern Oregon University.

Student Families

You are important and play an essential role in your student’s success. We have support for you too.

“Taking a college class at Eastern Oregon University is a wonderful experience and a great way to gain new knowledge about EOU itself. EOU gives a great opportunity to pick classes you are interested in and is a good way to start thinking about what you want to study when you attend college. Even better, it was an opportunity to get both high school credit and college credit at the same time. My transcripts reflect that I took a college class in high school and I can show that when applying to universities after high school. EOU also offers help for students. If you need help on a writing assignment EOU has tutors. I took a Psychology class, which was a great experience. This class can help to earn credit towards my future career as a social worker.”

Heylin Ayala
High school senior, River Springs Charter
Riverside, Calif.

Start Your Future – Today

Eastern Oregon University invites high school administrators, counselors, teachers, students, and parents to connect with us today and learn how Eastern Promise can help accelerate your future.

Call us today: 541-962-3086

Email: ep@eou.edu