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EOU Data Oversight Teams

Change management, including data configuration and procedural changes, should always be cycled through a formal change control process at every university. EOU now has an effective process in place to help administer the university’s Enterprise Resource Platform (ERP) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems. EOU is now implementing an official change management process, where all change requests will be logged, reviewed and voted upon by one of the data oversight teams.

The purpose of this is to create an administrative structure to make a stable, consistent workflow through a formal approval process for changes to how EOU collects, uses and stores data based on the student lifecycle processes along with EOU’s Business and HR Processes. This includes any decisions regarding data security and quality.

The President’s cabinet has delegated authority to these teams to make changes to EOU’s “student lifecycle” along with EOU’s Business and HR Processes. These are the procedures and processes each EOU employee follows to process students from the inquiry stage until graduation or the processes that each EOU employee follows in terms of business and human resources.

To learn more about these Data Oversight Teams, please review this project scope.

Data Oversight Team Structure