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VOLUME 1 – Issue I – October 2012

Center for Teaching, Learning & Assessment Reset

 Last Year’s Innovative Instruction Initiative Commmittee (I 3) ended the year with a recommendation to the Provost to develop a “Center for Teaching and Learning, which would create a resource and research center for faculty to explore various forms of technology that will directly inform and enhance teaching practice in the face to face and online classrooms to fulfill learning outcomes and incorporate active learning practices” throughout the university’s learning environments.”

EOU first created a Center for Teaching, Learning and Assessment in 2002, and in 2004 the Center changed its name to C-SALT—the Center for Support in Assessment, Learning, and Teaching.  The teaching, learning, assessment and technology integration with pedagogy focused center initiatives funded by the Provost’s office.  C-SALT co-directors Jeff Dense (Assessment), Curt Whittaker (Technology), and Sandra Ellston (Teaching and Learning) initiated several summer institutes in Diversity, Assessment, Establishing a Presence and First Year Students.  Since 2008, the center has functioned as a virtual presence only for the posting of information and resources about teaching, learning, and assessment pertaining to the Compass initiative and assessment.

It is significant that the Center is now being reset with oversight and funding from the Provost’s office.  An advisory group from across colleges and divisions has been invited to engage in the work of the center, which will serve as a hub for teaching and learning initiatives from across the university. The group convened during Orientation Week to receive its charge for the year:

“During AY 2012-13, the CTLA Advisory Group is charged to develop and maintain a CTLA website and to post there a robust schedule of professional development opportunities, in a variety of formats, available to faculty and staff wherever they are.  The website will also function as a repository of resources that ground and promote a shared culture of teaching and learning at EOU. “

EOU Team Participates in High Impact Practice Institute

 As a continuation of EOU’s beta-campus work with AAC&U through the Liberal Education and America’s Promise (LEAP) Initiative Compass Project (2008-2011), a team of six faculty and administrative faculty—Camille Consolvo, Colleen Cascio,  Anna Cavinato, Karyn Gomez, Angela Adams, Sarah Witte—represented Academic Affairs and Student Affairs at  the June 2012 Institute on HIPs and Student Success (Portland, OR June 19-23).

Through work at the Institute, the team developed two goals to move EOU faculty and staff toward greater understanding of High Impact Practices and how to assess effective  practices in EOU’s learning environments.

The first goal is to develop a specific plan for assessing integrative learning through a pilot assessment of the 2011-12 Liberal Studies Capstone, which will begin in Winter 2013, led by Provost Adkison and Professor Karyn Gomez.

The second goal is to develop a 2012-13 professional development plan for faculty and staff.  This is the explicit charge given to the CTLA Advisory Group on 18 September. Orientation Week was the kick-off for several professional development and high impact practice initiatives associated with the CTLA.

Upcoming Conferences

  •  President Bob Davies, Assistant Professor Tawnya Lubbes, and AVP Sarah Witte will be attending the AAC&U “Modeling Equity, Engaging Difference” Conference in Baltimore, MD October 18-20, 2012.
  • EOU is a lead campus participating in the Oregon Degree Qualifications Profile (DQP) grant, with Lane Community College serving as the fiscal agent for Lumina Foundation funding.  Steve Adkison, Sarah Witte, Angie Adams, Tim Wilson, Donna Evans, Cori Brewster, and John Knudson-Martin will be participating or presenting at the conference in Corvallis, OR, October 25-26, 2012.
  • Professor Anna Cavinato and Assistant Professor Jeremy Riggle will be presenting  “Context-Based Learning in the Science Laboratory: addressing problems relevant to local communities” at the AAC&U Next Generation STEM Learning conference in Kansas City, MO, November 8-10, 2012.

Yesterday’s News

  •  Vice-Chancellor Melody Rose Plenary Speaker for Orientation Week, 17 September 2012
  •  “Don’t Just SIIT There”: Associate Professors Heidi Harris and Steve Clements declare 2nd Annual Summer Institute for Instructional Technology a Success!
  • Civic Engagement Pilot Assessment Underway The Biology, Music, History, Education, and Business Administration program faculty will be participating in a Civic Engagement Assessment Pilot this coming year, led by Professor Jeff Dense.  Professor Dense will use the AAC&U VALUE Rubric to guide faculty discussion about Civic Engagement, and he will be assisting faculty in the norming, data collection, analysis, and closing the loop on student learning in this area.
  • 2012-13 GEC Communication Sampling Team Underway Faculty in Writing (Jim Benton), Communication (April Curtis), Mathematics (Bryan Fisher and Kaz Marlette), German (Regina Braker), and Economics (Peter Maille), led by Donna Evans   in the Writing Center, are participating in this year’s sampling of the General Education Core communication learning outcome.  Dr. Evans is piloting a dynamic approach to designed to engage faculty in actively owning the GEC Communication rubric.  The Sampling Team is off to a great start this year.