Vending Committee Request Form

The purpose of the Food Vending Committee is to disburse the profits made from all campus snack and drink vending machines that are deposited into the Food Vending Committee account.
The committee will make allocations to any campus organization, faculty or student based on the following criteria:

1. Highest priority will be the purchase of equipment, facilities improvement, and services improvement for students and the campus community at large.
2. Funds should be given for on campus uses and generally to benefit the entire campus.
3. Residence Life social programming and facilities will continue to be a priority use.
4. Major campus events such as Homecoming, Spring Fling, Casino Night, etc.

Funds must be requested at least two weeks prior to the event taking place. Requests made beyond that time will be automatically denied. Due to the number of requests, $750 or 25% of the proposed budget, whichever is less, will be the most that is funded for any one event. Exceptions will be considered for events that have a high attendance and/or multiple events within the proposal.

To request funds, complete the form on Orgsync labeled “Food Vending Committee Funding Criteria.” Be sure to answer all questions in full. Upon submission of the request, you will be notified of the committee’s decision within five business days.

Once a request has been submitted the committee will review the proposal and determine whether to fund it. If committee members have additional questions, they will be emailed to the representative of the group for further clarification.

Notification as to action taken will be provided within five business days of the proposal’s submission. At that time, if the group is receiving funds, they will be emailed a form (see attached) asking them to account for the use of the funds. Any funds not used will be returned to the Vending Committee account.

The committee will be comprised of students including the following:
1. ASEOU Vice-President of Finance
2. Students at large (2)
3. RHA President
4. RHA Representatives (2)

Until the RHA is in place each academic year, three Residence Life summer student employees will act as representatives from each hall.

The Assistant Director for Housing will act as committee coordinator and will have no voting rights.

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