Leadership Speaker Series

The Leadership Speaker Series features thoughtful leaders sharing their experience, knowledge, and insight with the EOU community.

All events are free and open to the public.


Ethan Zohn presents:

Surviving the Amazing Race of Your College Experience

People love reality TV competitions because they can watch others react to the unknown. As the contestants are forced out of their comfort zone, will they embrace the experience to learn and grow from the challenges, or give in to the drama and fall apart?

Strategy-based TV shows are similar to the incredibly complex world of college life. College is also a game of relationships that one must navigate every day – the relationship with yourself, your professors, your friends and teammates, your fraternity brothers or sorority sisters, and your family and friends back home. Add social media to the mix, and it can feel like your every move is publicly on display – becoming a struggle to get more “likes” and acceptance while also allowing yourself to be compared to and judged by others.

Ethan had very different experiences on two shows, having won Survivor and been embarrassingly eliminated from The Amazing Race in the first few episodes.

Over the last 12 years, his life has played out on TV, print, and social media. Ethan is also no stranger to overcoming challenges off-camera, having experienced the loss of his father at an early age and becoming a two-time cancer survivor. Under these pressures, he learned incredible lessons about forming relationships, building self-confidence, becoming a connected leader, and overcoming obstacles.

In this keynote, Ethan shares his strategies for staying resilient in the face of life’s biggest challenges and creating positive relationships that will help students succeed in college and in life.

Thursday, Oct. 29, 2020, 6 p.m.

Aaron Wilson presents:

Embracing the Change


Aaron used to have very low self esteem about himself and did not believe he harbored any talents. With the help of people encouraging and uplifting him, Aaron realized that the only way to conquer his insecurities and fears was to face them. Aaron now is the UPLIFTER and makes it his mission to help students realize the importance of having a positive self image and mindset that will help them overcome their insecurities and embrace their purpose.

Aaron Wilson is a motivational speaker, singer-songwriter, actor, producer, author, and uplifter. He is the writer and star of the film “Life As Such” and is the author of “The Point Guard: The 15 Principles of Leadership to Unleash Your Dream”.

Aaron has a special way to engage youth with his energy, message, charisma and music. Your students will walk away uplifted from this experience with a positive and exciting outlook on life and the world around them. Aaron’s ability to connect with youth is a pure treasure and joy that you want your audience to experience.

Recording of the engagement can be found here (until June 19, 2021).

Wednesday, May 12, 2021, 6 p.m.