Leadership Speaker Series

The Leadership Speaker Series features thoughtful leaders sharing their experience, knowledge, and insight with the EOU community.

All events are free.

Nisan Trotter Accelerating Excellence

Nisan Trotter presents

Accelerating Excellence: How to Drive What’s Inside of You Toward Success

Have you ever asked yourself “what is my purpose?” or “what am I going to do next?” Nisan Trotter believes that life is more than existing – it’s about excelling! He knows the difference between living versus truly being alive. Imagine life no longer looking black and white, but instead, HD, Plasma Screen – with all the fancy colors! When you excitedly believe you are gifted, discover your gift, and begin to take it to superstar status, choosing a major, making a decision on what clubs or organizations to join, picking friends, and even figuring out next steps after school is no longer overwhelming.

In this leadership program, Nisan Trotter empowers individuals to explore their passions and identify their natural gifts and talents to help them accelerate their excellence.  He helps them focus on the fun of self-discovery and self-mastery as he believes students can leverage their collegiate experience to conquer gigantic goals, missions, and ambitions. After spending time with Nisan, individuals will feel energized to lead their own life on fire and dominate their paths.

Wed., Nov. 3, 2021 – 6 p.m.


Rachel DeAlto

Rachel DeAlto presents


Relationships and connection not only lead to success – they lead to happiness and contentment! We are all hard-wired with a desire to connect to others, yet we’ve never been more disconnected.

A 2014 study on friendship found that one in four people have zero friends. Not a single person they would consider sharing their concerns with. It was one in ten just 20 years ago. A survey of almost 50,000 college students found that 64% felt “very lonely”. Depression and suicide rates are rising in tandem with our decline in socialization.

The impact is affecting the job market as well. 60% of employers say that applicants don’t have the interpersonal skills necessary for jobs.

Social skills. People skills. Connection.

They make us happier and more successful. And it’s time we give them the effort due.

We create a false image through social media, we let our limiting beliefs get in the way of stepping outside of our comfort zone, and we fear rejection. The result? Ineffective leadership, loneliness, and stress.

Whether you are looking to improve your leadership skills, increase your social circle meaningfully, or ace your upcoming interviews, Relatable will prepare you with the updated tools you need to “win friends and influence people”.

Wed., Apr. 13, 2022 – 6 p.m.