COVID-19 Vaccinations

Vaccines are a critical step to slowing and ultimately ending the COVID-19 pandemic. Oregon’s COVID-19 vaccination efforts are being led by state and local public health agencies. EOU is working with the Center for Human Development Public Health to provide information about vaccine safety, efficacy, and availability.

Vaccination Survey

Through a vaccination survey, faculty, staff, and students are invited to express their interest in being vaccinated. This process is key to the university’s vaccination preparation and planning.

While it remains unclear when the COVID-19 vaccine will be available for the EOU community, this is an important first step in organizing our vaccine response.

Eastern Oregon University plans to coordinate with government and public health vaccination efforts, and we intend to provide the EOU community with information regarding access to vaccines through this county-wide effort. Our goal is to expand COVID-19 prevention to include support for vaccinations for faculty, staff, and students so that those who wish to be vaccinated may do so when doses become available.

Although it remains unclear when COVID-19 vaccinations may become available for faculty, staff, and students, preparing to help administer them in an organized and efficient manner is a top priority. The university has launched a vaccination survey to give us a better understanding of how many EOU employees and students are interested in receiving a COVID-19 vaccination through our local health authority, Center for Human Development (CHD) Public Health. 

Using the COVID-19 Vaccination Survey, members of the EOU community in Union County are invited to express their interest in being vaccinated. Regional Center employees should coordinate with their local county health offices and watch for information if they are hosted at a community college, school district or ESD. 

The survey process is key to our vaccination preparation and planning, and will help inform the sequencing of vaccinations. While we do not know when a vaccine will be available, this is an important first step in our organized approach. 

Please log into Mountie Hub and complete the COVID-19 Vaccination Survey as soon as possible with the following in mind:

  • Our goal is to gain a better understanding of the number of EOU community members who are interested in getting vaccinated to inform local supply needs, facilitate distribution efficiency, and establish a line of communication with those who express interest. 
  • Submitting this survey is voluntary; participation is not required.
  • This survey does not schedule you for a vaccine. Visit to subscribe for vaccine information and updates. 

Vaccines will be distributed through CHD Public Health, based on health authority guidance and vaccine supply. A critical fact to remember throughout the distribution process is that EOU does not determine which individuals get vaccinated and in what order. The federal and state-level public health agencies and officials are responsible for determining the phases of the vaccine rollout, which specify who gets vaccinated and when.

That said, to the extent possible, we aim to support people in vulnerable populations and employees working on campus who are interested in getting vaccinated. You may consult your healthcare provider or pharmacy to discuss your vaccine options, or participate in public health vaccine clinics at any time.

The university continues to work closely with the Oregon Health Authority and other state and local health officials about how the EOU community, faculty, staff, and students, fit into public health vaccine distribution. This situation is evolving rapidly. We will share information as it becomes available. 

Access to vaccines is an exciting development in what has been a long journey, but we must all continue to be vigilant in our use of safety precautions and do our part to keep each other and the community safe.