Pandemic Resumption Plan

Returning to EOU

Yes! EOU will resume on-campus activities in the fall!

Looking toward fall term and a new academic year, EOU continues its commitment to the health and well-being of students and the continuation of their academic progress. EOU is committed to resume classes in-person and in flexible formats, and provide for a gradual and phased resumption of on-site university activities, in keeping with Oregon Health Authority and local health authorities’ guidelines.

We invite you to review the components of EOU’s resumption plan here on this website. A link to the full plan is at the bottom of this document.

Protocols & Principals

EOU is committed to providing the greatest level of choice and flexibility to support student access, academic progression and success. The following principles serve as the foundation to EOU’s Resumption Plan.

  • Maximize the physical distancing of participants following current CDC and OHA guidelines
  • Staggered and modified schedules
  • Reduced density of room usage
  • Enhanced cleaning
  • Continued use of technology for meetings
  • Close cooperation with local health authorities for prevalence testing and contact tracing
  • Continued public health messaging
  • Personal responsibility and public decency

Working Groups

Eastern Oregon University’s working groups have developed guidelines and standards for our reopening, with representation from all parts of campus.

Executive Leadership Team (ELT)

Functional Area Teams

  • Public Health, Workforce and Travel
  • Instruction and Research
  • Athletics
  • Events
  • Student Services

Resumption Plan Elements

EOU’s Resumption Plan includes a number of prevention and response guidance protocols to prevent and limit the spread of the virus while moving ahead to a modified in-person experience for students in fall 2020. Additionally, the plan aligns with Governor Brown’s Executive Order No. 20-28, federal, state and local public health guidelines, and specialized guidelines for student housing and athletics.

  • To comply with social distancing guidelines, fall term in-person courses may be taught in modified formats, which could include a combination of in-person time in the classroom, video conferencing and remote learning.
  • After Thanksgiving, fall courses will transition to remote learning for Week 10 and Finals Week, so students will not be required to return to campus for the remainder of the term.
  • EOU employees will gradually return in August and September, with special considerations extended to those who are at high risk of contracting COVID-19.
  • Face coverings will be required in shared or common spaces and at all campus activities until there is a reliable treatment or vaccine. More details will follow, including how EOU will provide face coverings for students, faculty members and staff.

Standards and Readiness

These criteria (listed below) are set at the statewide level and are applicable by County. EOU consults regularly with local authorities to confirm the following components of readiness to resume onsite activity. For both testing and contact tracing, local capacity through Public Health and regional healthcare providers is sufficient to demand in Union County.

  • Declining prevalence of COVID-19
  • Adequate contact tracing system
  • Adequate isolation facilities
  • Adequate testing capability
  • Confirmed surge capacity
  • Sufficient healthcare capacity
  • Sufficient local capacity of personal protective equipment 
  • Finalized statewide sector guidelines

EOU On-Campus Resumption Highlights

Collaboration with Local Authorities

  • Union County and local healthcare providers currently have sufficient capacity to provide appropriate contact tracing and testing. EOU consults regularly with our county health officials to maintain readiness standards established by Governor Brown.
  • If needed, EOU will provide assistance to Union County and local health care providers for contact tracing and testing.

Onsite Activities

  • To the extent allowable under official public health standards, EOU will seek to resume in-person, on-site activities.
  • Until there is a reliable treatment or readily available vaccine, EOU will operate in a low-density, mixed learning modality framework.
  • EOU will comply with appropriate small and large group activity standards established by the Oregon Health Authority and Union County.

Instructional Delivery

  • In-person courses may be taught in modified formats to comply with physical distancing, which could include a combination of in-person time in the classroom, hybrid and remote learning.
  • Lower density for classrooms, labs, workplaces and events will continue until a reliable treatment or vaccine is readily accessible.


  • EOU will initiate the return of employees to the workplace in August and September to minimize the impact of community spread.
  • Not all EOU employees will always have the ability to work from home given the respective job requirements. In these cases, the public health measures implemented are designed to promote a safer working environment.

Face Coverings

  • Face coverings are a personal responsibility and an effective measure in minimizing the spread of the virus.
  • Face coverings are a sign of social responsibility, respect and care for fellow EOU community members.
  • EOU requires the use of face coverings, as indicated in the Phases below, until either health guidance is updated or a vaccine or effective treatment are readily available.


  • EOU anticipates being in Phase 1 through July 2020, and will begin moving to Phase 2 beginning on or around August 1, 2020.
  • EOU will continue to consult with local government and health authorities on phase timelines.

Enhanced Cleaning

  • Following CDC guidelines, EOU will increase cleaning and disinfecting of high traffic and high touch areas.
  • EOU will provide appropriate cleaning materials for classrooms, labs, offices and common spaces on campus for the EOU community to take care of the space they utilize.

Phased Approach

  • EOU’s Resumption Plan follows the gating criteria established by Governor Kate Brown and will align with Union County. As Union County is approved for Phase 1, 2 or 3, EOU will follow suit.
  • A measured approach to routine cleaning will occur in Phase 3, which maintains face coverings and physical distancing requirements.

Resumption of Activities Planning