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Jan. 14, 2022 – Friday COVID Update

University Community, 

The changing landscape of COVID-19 rules can feel unsettling, and the nationwide rise in cases of COVID-19 has raised concerns in many communities. At EOU, our collective commitment to comprehensive COVID-19 safety measures has enabled the university to continue serving students.  

Guidance for a range of scenarios, as well as definitions can be found at eou.edu/coronavirus/covid-exposure

  • Has EOU changed its vaccination requirement to include a booster? 

No. EOU requires that students, employees and partners who work, learn or engage with EOU on our main campus in La Grande submit proof of primary vaccination doses or complete the exemption process. 

Employees may upload proof of booster shots via Mountie Hub if they wish. Booster information comes into play when determining quarantine requirements for individuals who have had a close contact exposure. 

  • What does “fully vaccinated” mean?

The Daily Self Health Check asks whether you are fully vaccinated. People who have not received a booster are not considered fully vaccinated unless they have received their initial vaccine doses in the last six months (Moderna and Pfizer) or two months (J&J). If you’ve received a booster then you are considered fully vaccinated even though you may not have uploaded proof of your booster yet. 

The definition is posted on eou.edu/coronavirus/covid-exposure:

A person is “fully vaccinated” two weeks after they have received all recommended doses of a COVID-19 vaccine (this varies by manufacturer) including recommended booster doses.

  • Coming soon: On-campus testing for students

On-campus testing will soon be available twice a week for the next three weeks for students who: 

  1. have symptoms of COVID-19 or
  2. tested positive for COVID-19 and have been in quarantine or isolation for five days.

Students must test negative to be released from isolation. Tests will be provided free of charge. Contact Student Affairs for additional information at saffairs@eou.edu

These kinds of complex scenarios can seem confusing. If in doubt, complete the Daily Self Health Check in Mountie Hub and contact your supervisor. 

Thank you for your continuing patience and diligence.  


Executive Leadership Team