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March 25, 2020 – EOU Technology Resources for Students

EOU Technology Resources for Students

EOU is working to provide the resources you and your instructors need to adapt to the changing environment brought on by the current situation. 

We understand you may not have access to the technology you need to complete your coursework away from the EOU campus so we wanted to provide you some resources to help. 

Internet access

We are aware that not all of you will have access to reliable high-speed connections off-campus during the spring term. Some commercial providers are reducing prices or making free internet available to students and low-income households. You will need to check with the providers in your area. If you are living off-campus and do not currently have an internet service provider in your location, here are some local vendors to contact:

EOU On-Campus Computer Labs

At this time, EOU plans to make a computing lab available to EOU on-campus students during the spring term. EOU has ensured that proper social-distancing and cleanliness measures will be taken to protect you if you need to access this resource. 

Beginning on Monday, March 30th, the EOU Library will be open for students who need access to a computer, EOU wifi or printing. This temporary lab will be staffed by the Learning Center so tutoring is also available from 10:00 am to 7:00 pm Monday – Friday. Printing will be free for students who use this temporary lab. Paper will also be provided for students.

All EOU Learning Center/Writing Center tutoring services will be conducted online throughout Spring Term 2020. Students can meet virtually with writing, math and other subject tutors by scheduling via WConline and using their EOU email addresses and Google Hangouts.

Access to Pierce Library will require a University ID Card. Please see below for instructions on how to obtain one.

EOU University ID Card

EOU now has an online request form to allow on-campus students to easily request their University ID Card and have it mailed to their home address. Simply follow the instructions listed in the knowledge base article here: https://kb.eou.edu/faq/id-card 

EOU Laptop Checkout

EOU’s IT department is working to provide equipment for students in need during this time.

Resources are limited so please review this knowledge base article to request a laptop for spring term here: https://kb.eou.edu/faq/eou-laptop-checkout 


EOU students have multiple resources for software, along with some temporary software to assist you through this difficult time.

EOU is committed to assisting all of you through this difficult time. Our staff will be providing support and assistance to the best of our abilities, and we will be making every effort to assist with the transition to remote delivery of instruction.

Please email us at helpdesk@eou.edu if you have any other questions.