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March 23, 2020 – Eastern Oregon University Housing & Dining Services COVID-19 information

Eastern Oregon University Housing & Dining Services COVID-19 information

All Eastern Oregon University residence halls will remain open and dining services will continue during the university’s move to remote learning in response to the COVID-19 virus.

Residence Life is committed to continuing to provide a positive housing and dining experience during this time. See below for ways we are responding to the developing COVID-19 coronavirus situation.


Custodial Services 

Enhanced cleaning of high touchpoint areas has been taking place in all EOU facilities, including Mountie Cafe, since March 2. All cleaning processes have been evaluated and are in line with best practices to address this virus.

High touchpoint areas in residence halls include:

  • doorknobs and handles
  • faucet handles
  • elevator buttons
  • soap dispenser levers
  • paper towel dispenser controls
  • light switches 

Additional touchpoint areas in Mountie Cafe include:

  • surfaces and edges of tables
  • handrails and backs of chairs
  • condiment pumps
  • water spigots
  • cereal dispensers
  • writing utensils used at ordering stations
  • refrigerator and appliance handles

Dining Services  

Mountie Cafe will remain open and provide essential services. For the most up-to-date location hours, always check eou.edu/reslife/dining.

Single-use takeout containers are available so that students may take their food to-go and eat in the location of their choosing.

Extra hand sanitizer stations have been added to Mountie Cafe.

Staff is using touch-free scanners to scan ID cards and payment cards whenever possible.

Self-service locations within Mountie Cafe, such as salad bars and soup stations, may be modified during this time. 

If students are feeling ill, they can sign up for food delivery so they don’t have to leave their room. 

Student Life

Residential staff will continue ensuring that residence halls are secure and promoting a healthy environment for students to focus on their academics. 

This includes doing rounds, as well as our on-call rotation 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

While larger programs will scale back to promote social distancing, residents should expect activities to be announced for smaller settings in their respective halls.

Residents can expect their student staff members to be reaching out in more online formats – we encourage students to check their EOU email for more information.  

Housing professional staff and student staff will continue to be available for support and engagement, though they may be doing so via digital platforms.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is my residence hall remaining open, or do I have to leave campus? Can I stay for spring break?

Residence halls will remain open during spring break and spring term, even while the campus is using remote-access classes and social distancing in response to COVID-19. Limited dining service is provided during spring break and will be delivered to student suites. Mountie Cafe will open for spring term.

All campus residents who wish to stay for spring break must sign up for break housing via Spring Break Sign Up. The application to stay over spring break closes at 2 p.m. on March 20.

I’m a first-year student. Can I be exempted from the live-on requirement?

Due to the unprecedented circumstances related to the COVID-19 pandemic, enforcement of the First-Year Experience Live-On Requirement for first-year students not otherwise eligible for an exemption will be suspended for spring term 2020.

Enforcement of this requirement will resume for incoming fall 2020 students unless otherwise communicated.

Are you waiving the housing cancellation fees for spring term?

Given the extenuating circumstances surrounding the COVID-19 outbreak, for residents who elect to move out for spring term 2020, EOU will not enforce many of its cancellation policies listed in the room and dining contract. 

Residents will be charged only for the spring term 2020 days they are in occupancy in their space, as defined by having possession of the key to their room. If residents end their room and dining contract early for spring term 2020, they will be prorated for the remaining days in the term.

If residents did not move out before spring break but wish to move out when spring term begins on March 29, they will only be charged for the days they occupy the room and maintain keys for the space.

What if I decide to move out, but I can’t get my stuff due to travel restrictions, quarantine, etc.?

Please contact our office by emailing reslife@eou.edu so we can discuss your options to get your personal items and cancel your contract.

How can I be safe in a residence hall with so many students given Gov. Kate Brown’s current ban on in-person gatherings?

Informed by Gov. Brown’s directive, EOU established a prohibition on university-sponsored or sanctioned events of more than 25 people. However, social distancing should be considered a shared responsibility. We continue to encourage our students and staff to maintain a six-foot distance from others, including friends, coworkers and classmates.

For residents, this includes keeping a safe distance when studying in the library, eating in a Mountie Cafe or spending time in a residence hall lounge.

EOU Housing is doing its part by reducing furniture in hall lounges and creating further separation between tables in Mountie Cafe. Social programs and activities are being restructured to be accessed remotely or for smaller groups.  

What if I’m feeling sick?

If you are not well, remain in your residence hall and contact your primary care physician, Student Health and Wellness Services, or a local emergency medical care provider.

What if I think I’m exposed but not yet sick?  Should I tell everyone in my room or floor?

Please remain mindful of social distancing and if you develop symptoms contact the Office of Residence Life and Housing Operations.

If someone is sick in my hall, what will be the procedure for isolating them?

If someone living in one of our halls is diagnosed with this virus, EOU will work closely with Union County Health on our response protocol. Residence Life has identified spaces that can be set aside for students to move into should the need for self-isolation arise.  

Any health information that impacts the larger community will be communicated broadly and appropriately.

Can I change rooms during this time?

Students wanting to move rooms due to concerns related to the virus can use our Room Change Request. All student requests will be reviewed and students will be assigned to a new space, as space is available.

My roommate is sick and I don’t want to be around them. What do I do?

Please talk to your Area Coordinator and access the room change form to move rooms. You can also contact the hall staff member on duty on your hall’s duty phone.

If I decide to cancel my housing and dining contract, what is the process?

While we encourage our residents to return for spring term, we want each resident to make the best decision for them. A resident interested in learning more about the cancellation process can contact the Office of Residence Life.

Additional Questions?

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