Ray Brown

Ray Brown

Education Faculty


  • Masters of Education (MEd) and History: California State University, San Bernardino
  • Bachelor of Arts in History: San Diego State University

Ray Brown is an assistant professor in the College of Education.  He currently coordinates the Secondary Education Program for the College in conjunction with his teaching assignments.  Prior to coming to EOU in 2004, Ray taught high school history and English for thirty years, the majority of the time in Southern California.  He also was an adjunct history professor at various universities in California, including the Cal State system.  He also worked as a consultant for California’s Department of Education, specializing in social studies content and improving test scores.

Ray’s areas of interest continue to be social studies, specifically geography and history, along with the teaching of talented and gifted students.  He is currently working on a joint program where students can earn college credit through project-based learning and international travel.

Courses Taught
ED 242 Education Concepts
ED 499 Senior Seminar
ED 653,654, 655 Learning, Development, and Classroom Dynamics sequence
ED 685, 686, 687 Social Studies Methods (Secondary) sequence
ED 381 Elementary Curriculum Standards:  Social Studies
ED 638 Social Studies ECE/ELE