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2014-15 Academic Year


Laurie YatesLeading ethically in a culturally diverse global environment. Handbook of research on business ethics and corporate responsibilities. 


Ted Takamura receives Recognition of Outstanding Service from the Institute of Management Accountants.

Laura Gow-Hogge received the Glen and Jean McKenzie Professional Award.


Laura Gow-Hogge was elected as the 2014-2016 Secretary/Treasurer for IACBE’s Northwest Region.


Shari Carpenter and April Curtis will present at The International Leadership Association Women and Leadership Affinity Group Conference in June.

Gary Keller, Professor, College of Business presented a research paper “Assessing A Faculty Member’s Role in Changing Writing Outcomes of Undergraduate Capstone Papers: A Quantitative Study” at the EOU November 13, 2014 Colloquium. Keller’s presentation was based on his research of Senior Project Capstone papers in the College of Business.

Gary KellerProfessor, College of Business presented a research paper “Assessing A Faculty  Member’s Role in Changing Writing Outcomes of Undergraduate Capstone Papers: A Quantitative Study” at the 2014 Institute of Strategic and International Studies /IAABR-Manila, Philippines International Multidisciplinary Academic Conference, November 5-7, 2014. Keller’s paper was included in the Conference Proceedings and selected to be published in the Journal of Strategic and International Studies, Vol. 9, Num. 6. Keller received a faculty development grant from EOU to sponsor his presentation at the Conference.

In October, 2014 Gary Keller presented a one-day workshop “Leadership for Public Administrators” for the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee Continuing Education, in the Certificate in Public Administration program.

Gary Keller, Professor, College of Business created and presented a two day seminar “Advanced Leadership” for the UW-Madison Certificate in Public Administration program at the Wisconsin Command College at the Wisconsin State Patrol Academy (November, 2014)

Gary Keller, Professor, College of Business presented a half-day seminar “Assessing Organizational Performance” at the Oregon State Patrol Office, LaGrande, OR, September 17, 2014 for the LaGrande Police Department, Union County Sheriff’s Office and four law enforcement agencies, including the District Attorney, from the region.

2013-14 Academic Year

Dr. Laurie Yates elected to IACBE International Board of Commissioners

College of Business receives endorsement from Institute of Management Accountants


Gary Keller‘s paper based on research conducted evaluating changes in writing improvement in EOU BA 490 papers was accepted for presentation and potential publication at the peer reviewed 2014 International Conference held in Manila, Philippines.

Ted Takamura is serving as the chair of the Institute of Management Accountants Committee on Academic Relations.

Laurie Yates was appointed IACBE region 7 president.


Gary Keller was awarded the Best Research Paper: “Examining if There is a Relationship Between CEO Compensation and the Net Income and Stock Price of Publicly Traded Corporations in the State of Wisconsin, USA” at the 3rd Annual International Conference on Business Strategy and Organizational Behavior in Singapore.


Gary KellerComparing Differences Between the Learning Outcomes of Adult Students, Traditional Students, and Online Students: A Quantitative Study.  Presented at International Journal of Arts & Sciences’ American Canadian Conference for Academic Disciplines, Ryerson University’s International Learning Center.

Laurie Yates:  Online and hybrid learning come alive: How we can move from a passive to an engaged community of learning. Presented at the International Assembly for Collegiate Business Education (IACBE) Annual Conference, San Diego, CA.

Ted Takamura will present at the 2014 IACBE Annual Conference and Assembly Meeting in San Diego, California this April.

Gary Keller will present a Leadership Seminar at the Wisconsin Command College, State Patrol Academy, as part of the Wisconsin Law Enforcement Command College.

Steve Clements and Tawnya LubbesTranslation and Transformation of Writing Pedagogy: Moving from Face-to-Face to Online at Teaching Professor Technology Conference in Atlanta, Georgia.

Kari Day: Leadership Trust and Ethics at the 2013 Western Business & Management Association International Research Conference in London, Untied Kingdom.

Gary Keller: Comparing Differences Between the Learning Outcomes of Adult Learners, Traditional Learners and Online Learners: A Quantitative Methodology at the International Journal of Arts & Sciences’ (IJAS) American Canadian Conference for Academic Disciplines.

Gary Keller: presented to doctoral students at UGSM-Monarch Business School in Zug, Switzerland on dissertation publication and journal article publication of dissertation work.

Ted Takamura: Methodology: MBA Student Mentoring Through Holistic Integration Enhances Degree Completion at the Mentoring Conference.

Ted Takamura: Presenters for the Conference on Teaching and Learning Accounting at the American Accounting Annual Conference.


Laurie Yates: Exploring the relationship of ethical leadership with job satisfaction, organizational commitment, and organizational citizenship behavior. Journal of Values-Based Leadership.

Gary Keller: Evaluating if a Linkage Exists Between CEO Compensation and the Net Income and Stock Price of Their Firm: A Micro Study. Global Business Review.

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