College of Business Faculty and Staff

College of Business Faculty and Staff Directory


Name Title Phone Location E-mail
Baird, Lori Administrative/MBA Support 541.962.3668 ZH-255
  Briney, Doug Faculty 541.962.3345 ZH-207
 Megan Caldwell2 Caldwell, Megan Administrative Support 541.962.3411 ZH-255
  Carpenter, Shari Faculty 541.962.3616 ZH-216
  Clements, Steve Faculty 541.962.3266 ZH-213
  Counsell, Meghan PHYSH/Bus Advisor 541.962.3275 ZH-223
 Coming soon Crouser, Teresa Administrative Support 541.962.3664 ZH-255
  Duncan, Marc Faculty 541.962.4041 ZH-217
  Frye, Janet Administrative Support/Graduate Admission 541.962.3772 ZH-255
  Gow-Hogge, Laura Faculty 541.962.3721 ZH-214
  Keller, Gary Faculty 541.962.3043 ZH-209
  Maille, Peter Faculty 541.962.3371 ZH-211
  McConnell, Scott Faculty 541.962.3340 ZH-210
  Mueller, Les Faculty 541.962.3225 ZH-218
  O’Grady, Dan Fire Safety Administration Advisor-PCC Cascade 971.722.5498 Cascade
  Obenwa, Peter Faculty 541.962.3419 ZH-208
  Santucci, Michael Faculty 541.962.3817 ZH-212
  Takamura, Ted Faculty 503.491.7550 Gresham
  Upshaw, Beth College Operations Manager 541.962.3816 ZH-255B
 Coming soon Walker, Ashley Faculty 541.962.3818 ZH-206
  Walker, Kevin Associate Dean/FSA Chair 541.962.3373 ZH-215
  Webster, Margie Program Support – Gresham 503.491.7000 Gresham
  Yates, Laurie Faculty 503.491.7583 Gresham

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