Marketing Career Paths



Advertisers can work internally for the advertising department within a large company, or for an independent advertising agency. Either way, they work on advertising campaigns to promote the company’s products or services.

Public Relations

Working in public relations involves protecting the reputation of the company, and making them appear as positive as possible to the public eye. As business becomes more competitive, it has become crucial for companies to be able to stand out from the crowd in a positive light. The public relations department also provides feedback for the company about what the public likes, and what they do not like about them. This often involves a certain amount of research on their part.


E-commerce marketers are responsible for developing marketing plans specifically for the internet. A solid understanding of technology is necessary for this career, because it is the e-commerce marketer’s job to figure out what computer applications are needed to put the plans into action. They also must monitor the plan after it is initially launched to ensure that it is getting the desired results.

Marketing Research

Working in marketing research involves gathering and analyzing information about the way individuals and businesses spend their money. This information is used to figure out what products to make, and where and who to market the product to. The same thing applies to what services a company should provide as well. Marketing researchers can work for independent research firms, advertising agencies, trade associations, public relations companies, corporations, or the government.

Product Management

Product managers work with a specific product before it is even created, and then throughout its life cycle. They are responsible for gathering the needs of the product and customer, creating a vision for the product, and working with the departments that will design and assemble the product to make sure that it is going as planned. Another important task for a product manager is to keep the product within the overall goals of the company.

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