LOM Career Paths

Leadership, Organization, and Management Career Paths

Personnel Management

Also known as human resources management, this field is concerned with hiring, training, and maintaining employees. Some of their duties include conducting interviews, selecting the best people for the job, providing orientation and training seminars, managing wages/salaries & benefits, and conducting performance appraisals. Having good communication skills is very important for a personnel manager.

Recreational Management

A recreational manager is in charge of developing programs for specific people, or types of people at different recreational centers. They need to keep in mind different factors such as disabilities, and age when they are developing these programs. Some other tasks that the recreational manager needs to take charge of is to keep the community informed of the different activities available, and to keep track of finances.

Hospital Administration

A hospital administrator helps to direct and oversee the different departments within the hospital. They are in charge of enforcing policies, acting as liasons, ensuring the departments are working as a team, hiring new employees, and conducting performance evaluations. Since they are in charge of public relations, hospital administrators need to attend different councils, fundraising events, and conventions to help create a positive image. Staying up to date with current regulations and medical and health issues is very important also.

Operations Management

An operations manager deals with the efficiency and effectiveness of the production and delivery of goods and services. They oversee the processes and activities within production and delivery to make sure everything is running smoothly. There are many different fields for operations managers to enter including manufacturing, distribution, and service based companies. It is important for them to directly oversee the employees within their area of control. There are often opportunities for operations managers to be promoted to upper management.

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