2013 Self Study

Self-Study (Volume 1)

IACBE Self-Study

Appendix (Volume 2)

Appendix A: Outcomes Assessment PlanĀ (available upon request)

Appendix B: Direct and Indirect Measurement Tools

Appendix C: Evaluation Rubrics Used for Outcomes Assessments

Appendix D: 2011-12 and 2012-13 Strategic Plans

Appendix E: Abbreviated Course Syllabi

Appendix F: Faculty Vitae

Appendix G: Table 8 – Scholarly and Professional Activities of Full-Time Faculty

Appendix H: OUS Board Members

Appendix I: OUS Proposed 2013 Schedule

Appendix J: Eastern Oregon University Organizational Chart

Appendix K: College of Business Organizational Chart

Appendix L: Dean Job Description

Appendix M: Eastern Oregon University Letter of Accreditation