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Anthropology and Sociology at EOU

The Anthropology/Sociology Department offers students an interdisciplinary program of study leading to a degree with three different emphases or concentrations: Anthropology, Sociology, or Sociology / Social Welfare. Our graduates have found success in a wide variety of professional venues, and we also prepare students who wish to pursue graduate study, research and teaching, or simply enhance their understanding of humans and the societies, cultures and environments in which they live. We’re firmly committed to enhancing the learning and reasoning abilities of students and helping them to view and examine ancient and contemporary societies through the cultural and social prisms that define and shape our disciplines.
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Economics at EOU

The Economics degree at EOU provides for a rigorous understanding of economic and social issues that affect us all. The Economics degree at EOU allows you to explore topics as diverse as environmental issues, job creation, money and financial markets and economic development. Through the capstone course,students have the opportunity and are encouraged to do research on issues affecting rural communities, including the regional community in which we call home, eastern Oregon. If you would like to pursue a career in public policy, business, finance, or pursue graduate work in Economics, the EOU Economics degree may be for you. View Economics Website

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All of our History courses are taught by faculty who are subject matter experts and active scholars in their respective fields. We balance teaching and research to give students access to the latest ideas in the field of history while continuing to emphasize passionate and quality teaching in a small classroom setting. Many of our students go on to graduate school, law school, or become teachers at the elementary or secondary level. This is because the history major emphasizes the continuity of culture by providing a historical background for the study of other disciplines and the tools necessary for responsible citizenship.
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Liberal Studies at EOU

Devise a personalized plan of study using an “interdisciplinary approach” combining two (or more) academic disciplines. Incorporate relevant life experience and career goals applying University Learning Outcomes which include: Gaining a breadth of knowledge, Strengthening your ability to inquire, create, and communicate, Being engaged in the community and exercising personal and social responsibility, and Integrating, applying, and reflecting on skills and knowledge. View EOU Liberal Studies Website

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Philosophy, Politics, and Economics at EOU

We combine rigorous social science analysis with enduring normative questions of philosophy. The result is a multidisciplinary understanding of the institutions, practices, and policies that shape our world. It includes core classes in philosophy, political science, and economics, with many students acquiring a minor in one of these same disciplines. The program prepares you for a variety of rewarding careers–and career changes–that require a multidisciplinary set of skills. Examples include teaching, banking and finance, journalism, resource management, social services, criminal justice, and other public service. The program will also provide excellent preparation for graduate study in law, economics, political science, and philosophy.
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Public Administration at EOU

The Public Administration major at Eastern Oregon University builds on the traditional strengths of the liberal arts, while providing the necessary management skills required for the responsibilities of the public sector. The program introduces students to the political, economic, and legal environments of a variety of public sector and nonprofit organizations. The Public Administration program stresses the analytical and problem-solving skills required of public administrators and the need to creatively apply appropriate data evaluation methods and techniques. The program will prepare students for careers in public and non-profit agencies, as well as graduate study in public and private administration.
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