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The College of Arts and Sciences is one pillar of the educational experience available at Eastern Oregon University. The diverse liberal arts programs and fields of study available at EOU provide a personal foundation which leads to full, rich lives, and exceptional careers for our graduates.

As part of their liberal education experience, EOU students participate in a broad range of courses and practices that lead to the development of essential knowledge and skills. This diverse and robust education equips our graduates with the skills needed to adapt to our changing world and workplace. Elements of this experience include the development of intellectual and practical skills such as communication, critical thinking, and problem solving in both group and individual settings. Additional elements include the hands-on experiences such as those afforded by performing laboratory work, playing an instrument in an orchestra, or conducting an archaeological excavation. Political and social skills such as civic engagement, ethical reasoning, and a commitment to lifelong learning are developed through coursework and community programs. Our program graduates will have developed a deep understanding of human cultures and the natural world and be able to adapt their experiences and knowledge to new settings.

When employers are asked about those attributes they most value in an employee, the most widely sought are those that result from a liberal arts education. Communities place high value on these attributes as well. Beyond the direct economic benefits afforded by a liberal arts education, individuals with a liberal arts degree are uniquely prepared to serve the public good.

The talented faculty and staff in the College of Arts and Sciences are deeply committed to supporting all students, on campus and online, in achieving their educational goals. We invite you to join us in our supportive and vibrant community as we learn and grow together at EOU.


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