Concentrate in Accounting

With an accounting concentration, students will be prepared for a variety of different careers. The demand for accountants is growing steadily, so it is a great profession to be entering. This concentration offers an option to take the Certified Public Accountant (CPA) track for those who are interested in sitting for the CPA exam. In addition to the CPA license, accounting students can work to attain their license as a Certified Management Accountant, Certified Financial Manager, Certified Fraud Examiner, among others. The accounting profession considered to be somewhat recession-proof because individuals and businesses still need to comply with tax laws and regulations regardless of the current economic status.  To read about some possible career options available with an accounting concentration, click here.

Business Administration Degree Checksheet


BA 211 – Financial Accounting
BA 213 – Managerial Accounting
BA 333 – Individual Income Tax
BA 383, 384, 385 – Intermediate Accounting I, II, III
BA 419 – Advanced Accounting
BA 421 – Cost Accounting
BA 428 – Auditing

Recommended Electives – CPA

BA 334 – Corporate Tax

BA 420 – Not-for-Profit Accounting

BA 424 – Forensic Accounting

Recommended Electives – CMA

BA 447 – Managerial Finance

BA 482 – Project Management, Planning, and Control