The Eastern Oregon University REV Center partners with rural communities to create a resilient future and transform challenges into opportunities through applied research, public policy analysis, and community education and outreach programs.

Developing Tomorrow’s Leaders and Workforce: Prepare the next generation of rural leaders to encourage and cultivate community and economic development. Increase rural workforce capacity through internship and project based opportunities linking students to career and service-learning work in communities.
Enhancing Community Social and Economic Innovation and Resiliency: Engage rural communities in developing long-term social and economic strategies based on their assets and values
Fostering Sustainable Working Landscapes: Engage researchers, agriculturalists (farmers, ranchers, foresters) and students in enhancing the long-term sustainability of working landscapes on private, state and federal lands for the ecological, social, and economic wellbeing of the region.
Magnifying Rural Voice and Inform Rural Policy: Enhance the rural voice at the state and federal level, partnering to support a coordinated regional voice.
Facilitating Solutions-Oriented Public Engagement: Generate the knowledge needed to overcome the obstacles and emerging issues facing rural communities. Increase engagement in solution-oriented processes by connecting communities to existing forums for public input and creating working groups cutting-edge research and think-tank resources.
Promoting Responsive Systems: Leverage and enhance existing resources and capacity by networking and coordinating resources and initiatives in and among communities to support focused, collaborative regional solutions.

Strengthening organizational and citizen capacity in Northeast Oregon to foster innovation and resiliency and develop tomorrow’s leaders and workforce.

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Current collaborations

EOU Urban-Rural Ambassadors

Urbal-Rural Ambassador’s Summer Institute Program

Collaborating Across the Urban-Rural Divide
September 6 – September 15, 2018, Portland and La Grande

Eastern Oregon University (EOU) and Portland State University (PSU) are leading an effort, along with their community partners, to create an Urban-Rural Ambassadors Summer Institute, a two-week, six-credit residential summer institute for undergraduate students to explore urban and rural connections in Oregon, and to develop the collaborative skills to work across Oregon’s urban-rural divide.

Past EOU collaborations

Joseph Branch Rail-with Trail

The Joseph Branch Trail is a proposed 63-mile trail alongside the railroad tracks in Eastern Oregon from Joseph to Elgin. Citizens brought the Joseph Branch rail-with-trail vision forward from Union and Wallowa counties suggesting the formation of the Oregon Wallowa and Union Railway Company during discussions in 2000 and 2001. The “Save Wallowa & Union County’s Railway” committee’s primary goal was the preservation of the rail line between the towns of Elgin and Joseph.

Students and faculty collaborated with community partners and the Wallowa Union Railway Authority to develop and assess the feasibility of creating a 63-mile rail-with-trail along this historic track. This Concept Plan is the result of input from many sources, including neighbors; potential users; stakeholders; community members; elected officials; and local, state, and regional planners. This document provides a comprehensive vision for trail development, including multiple options for phasing, funding, trail types, and routing.