Browser Help

Browser Help

An Internet browser is the program you use to view web pages. The most popular Internet (or web) browsers are Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and Safari. Any of these can be used to access Blackboard, but some versions are more reliable than others. We highly recommend using Mozilla Firefox to access EOU’s Blackboard service as it has fewer compatibility problems than Internet Explorer. Another option is Google Chrome, which is not supported by Blackboard, but it does operate admirably regardless.


Blackboard Compatibility

Blackboard’s official compatibility matrix can be found here. Please be aware that Blackboard may not function properly if you’re using a version of Windows that predates Windows XP.


Updating Java

Java is a third-party software that is required by interactive web sites like Blackboard. Sometimes problems can arise in Blackboard when the version of Java on your computer is out of date or has become corrupted. Click here for instructions on how to update Java on your Windows computer.


Browser Download Sites

Mozilla Firefox -

Google Chrome –

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