Blackboard Known Issues

This is a list of technical difficulties we are aware of with our Blackboard server.

  • Idle timeout. If you are sitting on the same Blackboard page for more than 30 minutes, and that includes typing into a text box, your session will expire and it’s possible that you will lose all of your work. Try to not work for longer than 30 minutes, or copy and paste your work from a word processor into Blackboard (but be aware that, too, may lead to problems with formatting and visibility).
  • Calendar feature. This has not worked since we upgraded to the service pack that made it available to us. Trying to manually add items to your calendar may result in a permission error.
  • Notifications. Sometimes notification number in the upper right corner (notification dashboard) clears when you view the notifications and sometimes it does not.
  • Equation Editor. This is hit and miss. It relies on Java to work properly and while it works fine for me, it seems to only work properly for about half of the math faculty that try to use it. Don’t rely on it if you don’t have to.
  • 3rd Party Connections. There seems to be problems when attempting to link content from third-party providers (i.e. McGraw Hill, Pearson, etc) through Blackboard. The hand-off to the external website doesn’t work and students have to just navigate to that site and log in manually.
  • Disappearing/cut-off posts in the discussion board. This seems to happen when someone pastes content from an external word processor (i.e. Word, Wordpad, etc) into a discussion board post. Here is a possible fix.
  • Display problems in exams. I have yet to replicate this but it seems to be a browser specific problem. Google Chrome seems to have the fewest compatibility issues with Blackboard.
  • Missing Scroll Bar in Grade Center. This can occur if your browser is set to a non-standard zoom/font size level. You may be able to correct the problem by changing the zoom level with Ctrl+ or Ctrl- (Command+/Command- on a Mac)
  • Copy/Paste does not work in Firefox. There currently is no work-around for this.
  • Browser-based spell checking has been disabled in the visual text box editor. You can either use the Blackboard spell check or do your spell checking in Microsoft Word (then paste your text into Blackboard).

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