Twentieth Century Memory

We’re happy to announce a new series of short memoirs about 20th century writers, artists, composers, musicians, letterpress printers, and publishers from the West Coast. The history of the West Coast arts community of the mid-20th century is especially rich and ranges far beyond The Beats, from C.E.S. Woods to Lou Harrison to Mark Toby to Odette Meyers, and the writers and artists of Fishtown. In upcoming posts, readers can look forward to glimpses of days spent with Larry Levis, William Everson, Denise Levertov, Robert Duncan, Luis Omar Salinas, and many others. We’ll begin posting these memoirs soon, and they will appear periodically throughout the course of the year. We encourage you to check back often to read new posts as they appear.

First up, Christopher Buckley on Larry Levis:

Check out Carlos Reyes on Robert Duncan:

Here is a link to William Pitt Root on Theodore Roethke: