Media Services Offerings

Media Services maintains and operates facilities in the basement of Inlow Hall in rooms 010-013. These facilities consist of two multipurpose rooms equipped with IP video conferencing capability, computer lab stations, and video/audio recording, the Media Services Supervisor’s office, and support space.


  • We also assist with web conferencing and media technology. We explore, test,  and add new services and technology as they become available.


  • Our smaller IH 011 room has 20 computer stations for instruction, as well as some presentation and IP video capabilities.


  • The larger IH 013 room has 42 computer stations, projection and presentation capabilities, video/audio recording and IP/web conferencing capabilities as well.


  • Theses rooms are scheduled through Ad Astra, and require approval from Media Services, due to staffing requirements.


  • Without sufficient prior arrangement, a minimum of two full business days before the day of your event, we cannot guarantee that we can fulfill your request. Our complex schedule and events frequently require changing staff schedules. Please plan far enough ahead  to make your event a success.