Media Services Rates

Rates and Policies for Media Services

Media Services and Audio/Visual are funded in part by charging fees for service. These rates are published openly, are applied equally without discrimination, and are updated annually, in accordance with state and federal law. New rates for new services may be added during the fiscal year, and will become part of the published fees as a part of the update process each fiscal year.

Media Services Rates and Policies

Fee Schedule Effective July 1, 2016 – Major Change for On-Campus Users

Service Categories

On-Campus Rates

Off-Campus Rates (Non-Profit)

Off-Campus Rates (Profit)

Facility Use for Media Services sites

No charge for regular 8a-5p events/services – fees may apply after hours, on weekends, or other reasons – see Administrative Charge below

Video Conference Fees - 1 hour minimum

Video Conference Fees - 1 hour minimum

8am-5pm Weekdays No charge – see above $40 per hour
$35 mobile codec
$50 per hour
$45 mobile codec
Evenings/Weekends See above and below – may vary $50 per hour
$45 mobile codec
$60 per hour
$55 mobile codec
Set-up Fee (per event) No charge 8a-5p, M-F: otherwise $18 $30 $35
Copy Tape or DVD to DVD or DVD master $9 each $9 each $9 each
Copy DVD to DVD or Audio cassette to Audio cassette $3 each $3 each $3 each
Transcode digital audio or video files; per hour of runtime, plus cost of CD or DVD file master $2.50 per hour, with a 1 hour minimum, plus 1 CD or DVD file master minimum $2.50 per hour, with a 1 hour minimum, plus 1 CD or DVD file master minimum $2.50 per hour, with a 1 hour minimum, plus 1 CD or DVD file master minimum
Copy CD-R $1.50 each $1.50 each $1.50 each
IH 013 use – laptops and projector (Half day min.) No charge – see above $300 per day $200 per half day $350 per day $250 per half day
IH 011 Room – Use with computer and large monitor
(Half day min.)
No charge – see above $200 per day $100 per half day $250 per day $150 per half day
Bridging IP conferences No charge – see above $10 per hour per port (or site) $15 per hour per port (or site)
Bridging IP Setup No charge – see above $25 $30
AV Tech time
IF CHARGED – see above – $25 per hour 8a-5p, $40 after hours, 1 hour min. $25 per hour 8a-5p, $40 after hours, 1 hour min. $25 per hour 8a-5p, $40 after hours, 1 hour min.

When programming originates at or through EOU, the requester will be charged for additional sites at the rate each site requires plus EOU per hour per site charge. Mobile IP codec rate is $5 per hour less than facility rate for all users. EOU room charges for space and all other services will be additional.

Web Conferencing

Fees will be determined at the time of the conference, depending on services needed. Web conferencing services may change with market, etc.

Phone Conferencing

Unique accounts can be set up for each department desiring phone conference use for larger groups than free services cover. No charge for setting up accounts. Conferences are non-scheduled and Media Services will pass through A Plus charges plus one cent per minute additional for Media Services, billed monthly by actual usage. Tech time charges will at regular rates, if charged.

Administrative Charge

For any additional labor beyond normal charges during normal hours (8a-5p, Monday-Friday): extra setup/event requirements, last minute* changes/additions, coordination of sites, testing,  training, processing, printing, phone calls, travel, off-campus site usage, or other reasons; may be charged in addition to other listed charges, at Media Services discretion, for any Media Services, AV, or IT services/facilities/events – varies with request – $10 minimum. (*”last minute” means less than 2 full business days prior to the day of your event.)

When facility time is requested for an event, the associated block of time is reserved solely for that event and the event requester will be charged accordingly. If the event is cancelled, a cancellation fee may be charged to the event requester. Any additional fees required by other sites/services scheduled for the event will also be included in the total charged to the requester. No-shows, cancellations without notification, or cancellation without sufficient notification time to adjust work schedules, will incur additional charges, and/or be billed out at the full rate for requested service.

EOU Media Services will make every effort to assure that a video conference is of the highest quality, however we cannot guarantee the performance of other sites and networks. EOU’s liability in the event of a site or network malfunction effecting a conference will be limited to providing a reasonable number of DVDs or digital files copies of the event, if the event originates and is being recorded at the EOU Media Services facility.

No charge “room use only” reservations for on-campus entities may be scheduled upon room availability. “Room use only” requires no equipment use and/or tech assistance. Paid facilities reservations will be given priority over no charge “room use only” reservations.

No charge on-campus rates may not apply to off campus groups/organizations/agencies/people who use on-campus personnel to “host” or “sponsor” an event. Rates charged in such instances will be subject to a case by case assessment, taking into account the off-campus entity’s status (profit, non-profit, campus supporter/donor, etc.), as determined by Media Services/AV.

EOU Media Services/AV/IT Technician rate charge for services (including but not limited to, consulting and installation) performed outside the normal operation of the Media Services studio facilities for on-campus requests, will be charged at Tech rates from above chart or an Administrative Charge determined by the nature of the request, at the determination of Media Services/AV.

Video Production Rates


Fees for Video Production will be based on Technician time, equipment needed/used, location, editing time and resources, external costs incurred, and other factors, dependent on the individual project. Fees will be determined based on published AV and Media Services rates for time and equipment, and my be adjusted for a project package price of per-finished-minute or per event basis, at the discretion of EOU Media Services/AV, on a case-by-case basis.




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