Live Events

Live events fall under three different categories. On campus, off campus (non profit) and off campus (profit) different rates apply to each category.

On Campus

This category is strictly limited to on campus users (student clubs, faculty and staff).  On campus users use the “On Campus AV request” form to request equipment for events, on campus users will need to know their own billing index code (usually a 6 digit code XXX-123) before requesting equipment.  Please see budget authority if index code is unknown.  On campus user rates are the lowest tier rates the AV department has, if an item is relative inexpensive an On Campus user will get it at a GS (General Setup) rate.  A GS item can be bundle with three other GS items for a single charge of $10 for 1 week.  An On Campus user can pick up a GS item from the AV department and that item will be free of charge, though an AV request with index code has to produced first, in case the user damages the checked out item.