Hoke 339 PA System

The system in Hoke 309 is made up of a rolling PA rack (Fig 1) that is plugged into a wall plate on the North side of the room (Fig 2), this feeds 14 JBL speakers (Fig 3) that are mounted in the ceiling.  The 14 speakers are clustered into 7 different zones with 2 speakers per zone (Fig 2).  Users can switch certain zones off if they choose to do so.  There are two source inputs on the wall plate that uses Speakon cables, users can switch between source inputs of they choose to do so.  A wireless mic attached to a podium is used for the event speakers (Fig 4).

2011-07-25 12.02.16
2011-07-25 12.01.49
2011-07-25 12.02.48
2011-07-25 12.03.09