Audio/Visual Services

Welcome to the Audio Visual Department of Eastern Oregon University.  The Audio Visual Department is located in the basement of Inlow Hall (Room 008).  There are three main functions of the AV department:

Live Events

The AV department provides equipment to a variety of events located on campus, whether it is a presentation (business or social), a public speaker, a movie night or even a dance party, the AV department will try to help fill your needs for equipment.  For a list of equipment and rates click here or call the AV department on 541-962-3388.

Classroom AV

With over 40 “Smart Classrooms” and presentation spaces/meeting rooms on campus, the AV department is in charge of the equipment that can be found in these areas.  Some of the equipment that the AV department maintains are: TV’s (DLP or LCD), data projectors (usually found on the ceiling), DVD/VHS players, wireless mice and keyboards, amplifiers, speakers and even old transparency projectors.

Routine support for classroom technology is handled through the IT Help Desk.

For more information on AV found in classrooms click here


The AV department is also able to help with videography projects such as video recording classes, EOU sporting events, EOU student events and other minor events – no blockbuster film production projects, yet, though.  The AV department can shoot, edit and produce on different kinds of media or file formats.

The AV department will not copy any material that is copyright protected.