Audio/Visual Policies

Who may Use AV services?

Audio/Visual equipment is here for the use of Faculty, Staff, and Students. Faculty and Staff may checkout equipment directly, but students may checkout equipment only with the authorization of a Faculty member.

The Faculty member must provide authorization information, the student’s name and an Index code for possible billing requirements. This information can be provided by email or in writing.

Off-Campus groups meeting on-campus may use A/V gear, but must make arrangements with Office of Facilities Scheduling at 962-3575

What we need to schedule equipment for you:

  1. Professor’s or Staff member’s name
  2. Index code for billing
  3. Date and time (start and end times)
  4. Location – building and room number
  5. The equipment you need
  6. Submit IT ticket
Any other information we may need to assist you, e.g. if you need instruction or assistance with any of the equipment, or if we need to coordinate with other departments for setups and pickups and so on, will be needed at this time.
Lack of any of this information may prevent us from being able to provide the service you request.
We cannot guarantee that any request made less than 2 business days in advance can be accomplished. Please plan your event and other AV needs well in advance to ensure a successful event.