Audio/Visual And Media Services

Audio/Visual (AV) and Media Services are responsible for most of the audio/visual, media, and multimedia equipment and resources on EOU’s campus. Both AV and Media Services work with off-campus organizations and individuals, as well as other OUS schools, various government agencies, and private individuals, in addition to campus duties.

AV’s primary function is equipment setup and operation for events:

  • Microphones
  • PA systems
  • Projectors
  • Screens
  • Laptops for presenters
  • Web cams and audio for conferencing
  • Game setups
  • Support for the Tech GrantMedia Library
  • Video recording and editing
  • AV related technology consulting

Smart Classroom support is handled through the EOU IT Help Desk, while higher level design and equipment issues beyond basic operation are referred by IT to AV and Media Services. Smart Classroom computer/network issues will be handled by IT. Urgent AV equipment issues should be handled by calling the IT Helpdesk, 541-962-3111, or by emailing to create a ticket directly.

Media Services is responsible for:

  • IP Video Conferencing (IPTV, often called “V-tel,” which is a brand name like ”Kleenex”)
  • Maintaining the Inlow studio facilities, IH 013 and IH 011
  • Web conferencing like Zoom, Audio editing and recording, including converting digital file types
  • Some video recording and editing, including converting digital file types
  • Technology planning/consulting and design for all related areas
  • Backup for some AV functions and supervising AV

The Lecture Studio (IP video, 42 station computer lab), Inlow 013 and Seminar Studio (IP video, 20 computer stations), Inlow 011, are  scheduled, operated, and maintained by Media Services. To schedule these rooms for events other than regularly scheduled classes, please submit an Event Request Ticket. Regular, ongoing classes are scheduled by the Registrar’s Office.