Susan Murrell
(Painting, Printmaking, and Drawing)

Susan Murrell

Artist’s Statement

My recent creative work is a result of a focus on ambiguities, slippage, and an unsure grasp within systems that I often interpret as stable. Ideas that feel as impermeable and static as the ground beneath my feet – such as government institutions, land ownership, biology and architecture, change with time. My perception of definitive boundaries from one concept to another are moved, blurred, or disappear altogether.

The primary material elements of my work are often initially created through gravity and evaporation. What occurs spontaneously and intuitively in the studio is reflected upon, organized, and dissected. This call and response mirrors what I often do, assigning purpose and structure to otherwise chaotic or mysterious systems. Disparate visual languages emerged. I aim to confuse the anticipated behavior of each in order to explore the area between.

Artist’s Biography

Susan Murrell earned her BA in printmaking from the University of Northern Colorado, and her MFA in painting from the Savannah College of Art and Design. She exhibits her work nationally, and has been awarded artist residencies at Yaddo, the Kimmel Harding Nelson Center for the Arts, and The New York Workspace.