Peter Johnson

Peter Christian Johnson
(Ceramics, Foundations of Visual literacy, Junior/Senior Seminar)

Artist’s Statement

Clay, to me, has a historical presence.  It seems forever connected to our past and our cultural formation.   I find that the material is imbued with a sense of time as if it were saturated with memories themselves.

This work is meant to straddle the present, simultaneously looking back to the past and towards the future.  It catalogues the act of making, of constructing, of inventing, and reinventing.

See Peter’s award-winning work in “Ceramic Arts Monthly”

Artist’s Biography

Peter Johnson earned his MFA from The Pennsylvania State University and a BS in Environmental Science at Wheaton College. He has been a Resident Artist and Visiting lecturer at the Alberta College of Art and Design, Australian National University, and the Odyssey Center for Ceramic Arts. His work has been exhibited in Canada, Australia, and the throughout the United States.