Foundation Courses

ART 101 - Foundations of Visual Literacy (AEH)

Credits: 4

This course is designed to increase visual literacy through explorations of aesthetic and conceptual trends in the visual arts of historical and critical importance. Field trips, workshops, visiting artists and lectures are a component of this course.

ART 120 - Design I (APC)

Credits: 4

In-depth studio investigations into the elements and principles of design using a variety of media.

ART 121 - Design II: 3D Design (APC)

Credits: 4

Explorations and further investigations into design elements and principles as applied to creative problems using 3-Dimensional media.

ART 227 - Graphics (APC)

Credits: 4

This course involves the application of studies in design and visual communication with emphasis on design process for prepress application. This computer intensive studio course explores digital photography, typography, and illustration.




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