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EOU’s ceramics program provides a broad range of possibilities for working with clay ranging from sculpture to wheel throwing. Students have opportunities for working at beginning, intermediate, and advanced levels as they work closely with an art faculty uniquely committed to their success. The curriculum focuses equally on concept, craftsmanship, and skill building, nurturing students to find their own voice and direction as ceramic artists. During their engagement with the program students gain valuable experience firing kilns, preparing clay, mixing glazes, while building crucial skills for developing a career as an artist.

ART 270 - Beg Ceramics (APC)
Credits: 4

An introduction to the use of clay as applied to the design and construction of utilitarian forms. Major emphasis is on developing hand building skills and wheel throwing techniques. Instruction in the basic understanding of clay bodies, glazes, decoration and firing of high-fire stoneware ceramics.

Prerequisite: Art Majors ART 101, ART 120, ART 130 or consent of instructor. Non-Art Majors ART 101 and ART 120 or ART 129 or consent of instructor.

ART 370/470 – Intermediate/Advanced Ceramics
Credits: 4

An in-depth investigation into the various techniques and construction methods of making high fire stoneware pottery. Instruction in glaze mixing, and testing. Some discussion of wheel and kiln construction and kiln firing. May be repeated twice.

Prerequisite: ART 270 or consent of instructor.

ART 371 – Ceramic Sculpture
Credits: 4

An in-depth study of ceramic sculpture. Application of hand-building techniques for construction of sculpture. Lectures on clay body formulation, glaze application, mold making methods, and slides on contemporary sculpture. Personalized concepts and aesthetics emphasized. Demonstrations in the use of the potter’s wheel as a tool for making forms to be used in sculpture. May be repeated twice.

Prerequisite: ART 270 or consent of instructor.


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