Alumni Testimonial: Devin Farrand

When I arrived at EOU I didn’t know exactly what I wanted to do, but I knew what I enjoyed. I found myself in the Art Department taking as many classes as would fit in my schedule. Right away I recognized that the Art Department at EOU was strong and incredibly unique for a school of its size. The one on one access to faculty members in all media, and to materials, tools, and facilities are amazing.

As professional artists themselves, the faculty at EOU realizes the commitment required to grow as an artist.  I remember calling one of my professors on a Sunday morning, surprisingly he answered.  When my question couldn’t be answered over the phone he offered to drive in to help me.  Later, I told one of my friends, who attended a large university what had happened and he said even after a year of classes his professor still didn’t know his name. That’s when I really knew EOU was a special place.

It didn’t take long to realize what I wanted from my time at EOU and with the support of the faculty I began working towards a degree in art. Because of the class size and the faculty’s dedication I got the attention and confidence I needed to succeed in obtaining my degree, but more importantly the skills to succeed in being an artist. Before graduating my professors helped me find opportunities and apply for exhibitions. Without their help I would have never imagined going on to graduate school at Cranbrook and starting a career in something I’m so passionate about.