Cody Bloom

Posted in Capstone Exhibitions

This work is a mixture of ideas from biological and psychological science. In particular, I am interested in learning and developmental theory. The ideas for this body of work originate from questions raised in these disciplines; the most important questions asking who we are and where our unique characteristics come from. These questions change and grow as I add theories of my own. I use ink because of its special relevance to psychology and projective testing. The ink is applied in a way that parallels the Rorschach test. The drips and blots on my drawings are produced through an unpredictable process. The interpretations of these parts of my drawings are meant to be subjective and specific to each individual. In the figurative part of my pieces the ink is drawn in layers, on top of which I add an additional layer of charcoal. Leaving evidence of these separate layers is important to me as it draws on the idea of a single person consisting of several separate parts.

Scientific images and diagrams are also an inspiration for my work. The unique organization of diagrams, often though the use of color, is one of the things that I utilize within my own work. The figurative elements of my work also have a distinct source. For each of these pieces I chose to address specific people. This was mostly to express the impact that they have had on my ideas, but also to incorporate important ideas about the history and progression of science.

The interaction that takes place between different individuals is a specific focus of my work. Communication and the sharing of ideas, in combination with genetics and evolution, are the ways that people can change and grow from one another. Therefore, it is important to me that a conversation exists within this body of work, not only between pieces, but also between my work and the viewer.


Synthesis by Bloom Bloom instalation Thordike by Bloom