Orientation Options



Course Delivery Options

EOU offers courses in three delivery modes – On campus, online, and onsite. For purposes of this orientation, we are focused on online delivery. For online courses, you are required to have access to an Internet-connected computer and a web browser, such as Internet Explorer, Netscape, or Mozilla. Please read the Acceptable Use Policy for EOU’s Information Technology department.

EOU online and onsite courses rely heavily upon the use of e-mail for communication with your instructors. This requires the use of your EOU e-mail account. Once you are an admitted student and have registered for classes for the first time, you will be issued an EOU email account.

Federal Financial Aid requirements necessitate that students receiving aid complete Online and Onsite courses in one term.

Students not receiving federal financial aid will need to complete their coursework in either one or two terms, which will be indicated in the course syllabus.  In addition, some instructors may require that a certain amount of coursework be completed in the first term in order to proceed into a second term.

Please consult your syllabi for details.

Courses Tools

A combination of the these tools will be used for communication with your online instructors.

  • Blackboard – Most Online courses use Blackboard or an instructor’s web page as the learning environment in which you may submit assignments, interact with your classmates, send e-mails, access course materials, etc.
    Instructions for using Blackboard
  • E-Mail Attachments – Some Instructors may ask that some assignments be submitted as an attachment to an e-mail.
  • FAX – some assignments may be submitted via fax.
Online Courses
Onsite Courses
Online courses take place over the Internet through the use of a computer.If you enroll in an Online course, it will require that you have regular access to the Internet, able to communicate via e-mail with your instructor, able to use a word processing program, and can submit coursework using some combination of tools (see Course Tools below). It may also require that you have access to a proctor with a computer connection when taking exams. Please check the course description to see which tools are used in your Online class. Onsite courses take place face-to-face (live) in a traditional classroom setting.If you enroll in an Onsite course, it will require that you travel to a designated site over a weekend or on multiple dates during the term.It will also require that you complete some coursework prior to your first class and after your final class session.   Please check the course description for the date(s) and location of your Onsite class.

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