Graduation Requirements

The following table provides a highlight of EOU’s graduation requirements.. A complete listing may be found in the EOU Academic Catalog. For more information on institutional graduation requirements, see also Registrar’s Office.

The information on this and other pages will be covered in great depth in the Degree Planning Workshop.

1. Complete a minimum of 180 credit hours. You may transfer up to 120 lower division credits from another university or community college.

2. Earn a 2.000 EOU gpa and a 2.000 composite gpa (at graduation time, the EOU gpa and any transfer gpa that a student brings to EOU are combined, and this composite gpa must be at least a 2.000.)

 3. Complete a minimum of 60 upper division credits (300 and 400 level courses by EOU numbering.)

4. Complete all requirements in the major. (Most majors are approximately 60 credits, but this varies by major)

 The term major coursework refers to all coursework that contributes to an academic major. You may find information about how to put together major coursework in the Academic Catalog and on the advising website (major/minor checklists section), and your adviser will help you with this along the way. Major coursework may, in many cases, be transferred in from another school you have attended.

 5. Complete the General Education Core Requirements (60 credits minimum)

 Most colleges and universities have “general education,” or “distribution” or “core” requirements, although categories and courses differ between institutions. The mission of the General Education Core at EOU (often referred to simply as “Gen Eds”) is to introduce students to many fields of study and to challenge students to become critical, creative thinkers and engaged, knowledgeable citizens, open to new ways of looking at the world.

 Gen Ed Core courses are listed in the online academic catalog and also on the advising   webpage. (live links!)

 When courses are transferred to EOU, they are evaluated by the Registrar’s Office to determine whether they fit into one of EOU’s General Education Core categories. If so, the course will be designated as Gen Ed on the transfer evaluation. Your adviser will assist you in interpreting the transfer evaluation. Some transfer courses will not fit EOU’s Gen Ed categories, and these courses will count as electives. A petition process is available through the student’s adviser if it is felt that a course should have been evaluated as Gen Ed but was not.

6. Complete the EOU Math Requirement (outlined in each major). The minimum is a 3 credit or more Math or Statistics class with Math 095 (intermediate algebra) as a prerequisite. The math requirement will vary depending upon the major you choose.

7. Complete the University Writing Requirement (UWR), as outlined in each major. All EOU students are required to demonstrate proficiency in writing by meeting the University Writing Requirement. Each major lists certain courses that meet this requirement. If you change majors, your UWR will change (except for the freshman requirement of Writing 121 or equivalent, which is the same for all majors.)

8. Bachelor of Arts degree (BA) – must satisfy foreign language requirement as defined in academic catalog; maximum of 90 credits in major discipline can apply towards graduation. For all online majors except English, students may choose a BS or a BA degree.

9. Bachelor of Science degree(BS) – maximum of 90 credits in major discipline can apply towards graduation.

10. EOU residency: At least 45 credits from EOU, with 30 of those at the upper division level. The residency requirement does not mean you have to live on the EOU campus or in Oregon. “Residency” refers to courses taught by EOU faculty through EOU.

For a complete listing of institutional graduation requirements, see the EOU Academic Catalog.

 Note: Electives/Other are courses that do not count for the major or for General Education. A minor could fall into this “other” category, for a student pursuing both a major and a minor from EOU, as would foreign language credits for a student pursuing a Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree. In general, remember that completing your major and your General Education Core requirements will usually not provide enough total credits to graduate, so expect to have some “electives/other” courses as part of your academic plan.

Let’s move on to an overview of EOU’s Online Degree Programs.

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