liberal studies capstone

CAPSTONE Process for Liberal Studies Students


Two/three terms before registering for LS 401, LS 402, and LS 403:



1. E-mail faculty member listed by your discipline to arrange for a Faculty Capstone Adviser. ( Liberal Studies Contacts)
2. Share your vision of your capstone project and get permission to proceed with capstone proposal.
3. Prepare your final capstone proposal (2-3 typewritten pages, double spaced) including:

a. Topic statement giving focus of your capstone.

b. Why you selected this topic.

c. Resources you will use in paper/project. When setting up the bibliography, follow a set documentation style(i.e. MLA, APA).Ask your Faculty Capstone Adviser which style is favored in the discipline in which you are writing.

4. Check document for depth of topic, clarity, spelling, and discipline terminology.
Off Campus Students:   On Campus Students:
1. E-mail final proposal to Faculty Capstone adviser (FCA).    1. E-mail final proposal to your Faculty Capstone Adviser (FCA) along with your Liberal Studies OnCampus Capstone Proposal form. 
2. When FCA approves your proposal, ask him/her to send you an e-mail confirming their approval.    2. When FCA approves your proposal, ask him/her to sign the Capstone Proposal form and e-mail you so that you may pick it up.


Four to six weeks before the term in which you will register for your capstone:

Off Campus Students:   On Campus Students:
1. Send the following to your Academic Adviser:

       1. Obtain the signature of your Academic Adviser on your On Campus Capstone Proposal form.2.  Take the following to your respective College Dean for his/her signature:

2. Your Academic Adviser will attach your Admit to Program form, sign the proposal form, and send paperwork to Academic and Career Advising who will obtain the  respective College Dean’s signature and turn the registration into the Registrar.       3.  Turn in your Course by Arrangement to the Registrar when registration begins for the term in which you wish to enroll. Keep your Capstone Proposal form for your records. 

If your major’s capstone entails a research paper, be sure to obtain style and research information from the Teaching Faculty Capstone Advisers. Further resources are located on the EOU Writing Lab (OWL).