Capstone Process for Liberal Studies Students

Two/three terms before registering for LS 401, LS 402, and LS 403

  • Purpose:The capstone project in Liberal Studies is intended to integrate academic work in the two chosen disciplines of the Liberal Studies degree.  The Liberal Studies project should integrate your academic and career interests. The capstone project provides an opportunity for you to investigate, and to apply through written and other modalities, the culmination of your undergraduate experience.  The appropriate four credit course for Liberal Studies is LS 401 for students in an Arts and Science disciplines; LS 402 for Business students; and LS 403 for students in Education.  The only exception to using LS 401, 402, or 403 is for those of you in Environmental Studies and Early Childhood Education.
  • Content:  Your capstone project should be developed through consultation with an approved disciplinary adviser.  The project may involve research leading to a written paper, an artistic product, or may be a practical or internship activity.
  • Process: You will be expected to select a topic and prepare an outline with sufficient detail for faculty evaluation before beginning your capstone project. The outline should reflect, and document in appropriate disciplinary format (APA, MLS, AMA, etc), recent literature that will be included in your reviews as well as the length of the paper.  A clearly stated thesis position should be included on the outline.Once the capstone adviser has approved your proposal, work on the project may commence. You and your capstone adviser will work together to develop the project throughout the time period.
Suggested Schedule:

  • Contact the faculty capstone contacts at least two terms prior to the term of enrollment in the capstone to arrange for a capstone adviser.  The capstone adviser will review your proposal, and approve it.
  • From your undergraduate studies, select a research question you will address in your capstone project.  This research question should integrate your minor areas of study.
  • The capstone proposal must include a thesis statement, an outline, and a preliminary bibliography or reference list.  The thesis statement must clearly indicate the direction of the project that will be developed and supported in the project.
  • Present your capstone proposal to your Adviser.  Set out the expectations about the content of the proposal, timing of draft submissions, and the final project with the capstone adviser before you register for LS 401, 402 or 403.
  • Register for the four credit capstone course one or two terms before you plan to graduate.
  • During the term you should complete the literature review, collect data, and prepare your final paper.  Submit the final project by the Monday of Week 9 of the enrolled term unless other arrangements were made with your adviser.
  • Evaluation: Discuss the specifics of how your capstone project will be evaluated with your capstone adviser.
Off Campus Students: On Campus Students:
1. E-mail final proposal to Faculty Capstone Adviser (FCA). 1. E-mail final proposal to your Faculty Capstone Adviser with your Liberal Studies On-Campus Capstone Proposal Form form.
2. When FCA approves your proposal, ask him/her to send you an e-mail confirming their approval. 2. When FCA approves your proposal, ask him/her to sign the Capstone Proposal form and return it to you.

Four to six weeks before the term in which you will register for your capstone:

Off Campus Students: On Campus Students:
1. Send the following to your Academic Adviser:


1. Obtain the signature of your Academic Adviser on you On-Campus Proposal form.
2. Include a short email stating that Liberal Studies Director, Mary Koza, has permission to register you for this course. 2. Take the following forms to Mary Koza, Liberal Studies Director, IH 113D who will obtain the Dean’s signature.

3. Your Academic Adviser will attach your Admit to Program form, sign the Proposal form, and send paperwork to Mary Koza, Liberal Studies Director. She will obtain the College Dean’s signature and turn the registration into the Registrar. 3. Include a short email stating that Liberal Studies Director, Mary Koza, has permission to register you for this course.
4. Mary Koza will turn in your registration to the Registrar for the appropriate term.
If your major’s capstone entails a research paper, be sure to obtain style and research information from the Teaching Faculty Capstone Advisers. Further resources are located on the EOU Writing Lab (OWL).