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Advising Council Purpose

The Eastern Oregon University Advising Council is a representative self-governing body reestablished in 2013 to better coordinate the delivery of academic advising services in a decentralized environment, improve communication, coordination, and collaboration among various EOU units, and improve the overall student experience in advising.


The improvement of academic advising through the following means:

  • Provide a forum for discussion of academic issues related to advising, including curriculum, policy, and procedural changes.
  • Identify opportunities for improvement and collective strategic planning.
  • Invest in the professional growth and development of all advisors.
  • Support an active communications network designed to inform, engage and inspire advising
  • Engage with and contribute to the wider advising community.
  • Monitor the student experience through advising.
  • Identify and address academic advising issues.
  • Share new developments and best practices in academic advising.
  • Provide cross-campus and cross-college, and cross-modality opportunities for collaboration and relationship building.


The Advising Council is co-chaired by two elected representatives serving a one-year term.  Chairs serve in a rotation following a one-year term as an elected Vice Chair. Co-Chairs include one representative from the Regional Outreach & Innovation (ROI) department of online advisors supporting online interests and initiatives and one representative from the Student Affairs department of on-campus advisors supporting on-campus interests and initiatives. The primary role of the Co-Chairs include facilitation of meetings and building of the agenda. The Advising Council leadership also includes annually elected Vice Co-Chairs who are responsible for compiling meeting minutes and fulfilling the duties of the Co-Chairs in their absence.


Advising Council membership includes the Dean of the College of Business, the Dean of the College Education, the Dean of the College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Science, the Dean of the College of STM & Health Sciences, the Executive Director of Regional Outreach and Innovation, all on-campus professional academic advisors, all online professional academic advisors, and a representative from the following departments – Athletics, Registrar’s Office, Student Success, Multicultural Center, Native American Program, and ROI. Additional representatives with a vested interest may be designated as appropriate to ensure representation across the campus

Meeting Schedule:

The Advising Council meets regularly to discuss broad range issues affecting academic advising, exchange information, share best practices and solve problems. Meetings are scheduled on the first Monday of each month. Requests for agenda items can be sent to either of the Co-Chairs.

2020-2021 Advising Council Leadership

Wendy Sorey
Co-Chair, Online Advisor

Meghan Counsell
Co-Chair, Academic Advisor

Kelli Olson
Vice Co-Chair, Online Advisor

Cassie Jeffries
Vice Co-Chair, Academic Advisor