Understanding your Advisor’s Role

Regional Advisers

Every student pursuing an online degree through Eastern Oregon University has an adviser who works with that student throughout the course of study. You will enjoy the advantage of personalized, consistent, responsive advising from start to finish.

The distance education advisers work as Regional Directors / Advisers who serve students throughout the state. Some of them advise out-of-state degree-seeking students as well.

Advisers perform the following functions:

  • Orientations for new and potential students. The orientations cover EOU’s institutional and program requirements. These orientations are free of charge. They take place face-to-face in Oregon or via an online orientation.
  • Degree Planning Workshop. Upon admission, every degree-seeking online student must enroll in a degree planning workshop.
  • Personalized Degree Plan Support. The degree planning process continues throughout each student’s course of study. It begins with a draft worked out between student and adviser in the degree planning workshop and continues with each change in the student’s plan. Among other things, the adviser helps the student determine which courses are and are not necessary for the degree plan. The adviser also can assist in petitions for general education and program course equivalency based upon transcripted credits from another institution.
  • Assistance With Occasional Problems. Sometimes online students encounter questions/difficulties regarding faculty relations, administrative requirements, and other areas. The adviser has limited or no power in many of these situations, especially regarding faculty prerogative and university policy. However, the adviser can be a resource for directing advisees so that resolution may be obtained.
  • Orientations
  • Degree Planning Workshop