Accreditation Cycle

Current Accreditation Cycle: 2011-2017

 Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities

Year 7 | 2025

Mission Fulfillment and Sustainability

Mid-Cycle Evaluation | 2021

Year 1 | 2019

Mission and Core Themes

Year 7 | 2018

Self-Evaluation Report Standard Five: Mission Fulfillment, Adaptation, and Sustainability

Comprehensive Report

NWCCU Site Visit

Year 3 | 2013

Year Three Commendations and Recommendations

Year Three Peer Evaluation Report

Year Three Self Study

Year Three Steering Committee

Year 1 | 2011

Year One Self Study

Year One Steering Committee

2010 Report

2010 EOU Focused Interim Report


Specialized Accreditation

College of Business

College of Education





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