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Theatre Major

Theatre Major


Complete all Institutional Graduation Requirements (Including University Writing Requirement, Diversity Requirement, General Education Requirement, etc.) as provided at http://www.eou.edu/registrar.

Program Requirements: Theatre is a minimum of 67 credit hour degree. A grade of “C-” or better is required for each course counting towards the major, but a cumulative GPA of at least a 2.00 is required for completion of the major.

This checksheet is in effect summer 2022. Click here for the current requirements (summer 2020 to spring 2022)

Course NumberCourse TitleCreditsPrerequisites
THEA 111Script Analysis [offered even years]3
THEA 150Acting I [APC]4
THEA 255Production & Performance[APC]2
THEA 260Theatre History [AEH,DPD,UWR]5
THEA 264Stagecraft [APC] [offered odd years]4
THEA 266Fundamentals of Costuming [APC]3
THEA 267Fund of Stage Makeup [APC]3
THEA 353Play Direction [UWR] [offered odd years]3THEA 150
THEA 406Senior Project [UWR] [offered in the spring] 3
THEA 407Seminar [offered in the fall] 1

Choose one of the following required courses

Course NumberCourse TitleCreditsPrerequisites
THEA 274Set and Lighting Design [APC] [offered odd years]4
THEA 344Costume Design [APC]4
THEATRE GENERAL DEGREE COURSES: Complete a total of at least 32 credits [a minimum of 15 credits must be upper division]

THEA 355 is a required course

Course NumberCourse TitleCreditsPrerequisites
THEA 355Production & Performance [APC]4

Complete 28 credits from the following list – at least 11 must be upper division

Course NumberCourse TitleCreditsPrerequisites
THEA 112Intro to Theatre [APC]3
ENGL 201Shakespeare [AEH,UWR]4
MUS 192VClass Lesson: Voice [APC] 2
MUS 193VClass Lesson: Voice [APC] 2
MUS 194VClass Lesson: Voice [APC] 2
THEA 208Audition Performance2
THEA 218Movement I [APC] 3
THEA 249Musical Theatre Performance [APC] [offered odd years]3
THEA 250Acting II [APC] [offered in the winter] 4THEA 150
THEA 256Fundamentals of Stage Combat [APC]3
THEA 274Set and Lighting Design [APC] [offered odd years] (if not taken in core)4
THEA 318Movement II3
THEA 319Projects in Theatre1-3
THEA 330Stage Management [offered even years]3
THEA 344Costume Design [APC] (if not taken in core)4
THEA 345Advanced Costume Design4THEA 344
THEA 346Fashion as Costume [APC]3
THEA 347History of Fashion and Dress [AEH]3
THEA 349Adv Musical Theatre Performance [offered odd years]3
THEA 350Acting III:Adv Acting Technique [offered even years]4
THEA 351Acting IV [offered odd years]3THEA 150, 250 & 350
THEA 354Advanced Directing [offered even years]3THEA 353
THEA 360Playwriting [APC,UWR]3
THEA 362Irish Drama [DPD,UWR] [offered odd years]3
THEA 363Banned Plays [DPD,UWR] [offered even years]3
THEA 364Advance Stagecraft and Design4
THEA 369History of Musical Theatre [offered even years]3
THEA 409Practicum1-15
THEA 425The Theatre [offered even years]3
THEA 475Hollywood, American Film Experience [offered odd years]3

Students are recommended to declare a minor. Recommended minors are History, Business, Psychology, Anthropology/Sociology, Communication, English/Writing, Art, or any other relatable discipline.

Total credits required for major: 67

Last EPCC update November 2021

Previous EPCC Checksheet (November 2021 update) this checksheet is for Summer 2020-spring 2022

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