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Professional and Public Writing Minor

Professional and Public Writing Minor


A minimum of 30 graded credit hours

At least 15 credit hours must be upper division

A minimum grade of “C-“ and a cumulative GPA of 2.00 (or better) is required in all courses counting toward the minor.

A minimum of 10 graded credit hours counting toward the minor must be completed at Eastern Oregon University.

No more than two classes used to meet the requirements for another major or minor will count toward the minimum 30 credits required for the PPW minor.

**NOTE** WR 121 is a required prerequisite course for this minor

Students cannot declare both the Professional and Public Writing Minor and the Interdisciplinary Writing and Rhetoric Minor.

Course NumberCourse TitleCreditsPrerequisites
WR 230News Writing [UWR]4WR 121
WR 222Intro to Rhetoric [AEH,UWR]4WR 121
WR 320Professional Writing [UWR]3WR 222 & junior standing
WR 322Interdisciplinary Rhetoric3WR 222
HUM 210/410 or WR 209/329/409Approved writing-focused practicum1-2varies by course

GROUP 1 ELECTIVES: 6 credits

Complete a minimum of 6 credits from the Group 1 listing

Course NumberCourse TitleCreditsPrerequisites
WR 220Methods of Tutoring [UWR]4WR 121
WR 330Digital Rhetoric [UWR]3Junior or Senior standing
WR 351Professional Editing & Publishing [available in even years]4At least Junior standing
WR 360Lit Discrimination and Power [DPD,UWR]3At least Sophomore standing
WR 393Rhetoric or Public Culture [AEH,UWR]3WR 121 and Sophomore standing
WR 436Themes Writing/Rhetoric3WR 222 and Junior standing
WR 493Writing Theory3WR 121, one literature course & Junior or Senior standing

GROUP 2 ELECTIVES: remaining credits for minor

Complete remaining credits from this group and/or from Group 1 above. Please note that not all courses are offered both online and on campus, and some are offered more frequently than others.

Course NumberCourse TitleCreditsPrerequisites
ANTH 356Language & Culture5
ANTH 357Media, Self and Society5
ART 227Graphics [APC]4
ART 321Digital Design [APC]4
BA 225Business Communications [UWR]4WR 121
COM 162Communication Design [APC]4
COM 225Foundations of Digital Media [APC]4
COM 252New Media [APC]4
COM 315Media, Power, and Difference [AEH]4
COM 352Web Design [APC]4
COM 452Advanced New Media4COM 125 or COM 252
ENGL 315Intro to Applied Linguistics [AEH,UWR]4At least Junior standing
ENGL 316Approaches to Grammar [AEH,UWR]4At least Junior standing
HIST 203Historical Methods [AEH, UWR]5
POLS 340Politics and Media [SSC, UWR]5
POLS 350Public Policy [SSC]5
PSY 222Writing in Psychology [UWR]3PSY 201, 202
SOC 344Selling the News [SSC]2SOC 205 recommended
SOC 345Media/Politics/Prop [SSC]5SOC 205 recommended
SPAN 323Language & Culture III4SPAN 207, 208, 209
SPAN 425Translation Theory/Practice4SPAN 344, 345
WR 241Intro to Fiction Writing [APC]3Sophomore standing
WR 242Intro to Poetry Writing [APC]3Sophomore standing
WR 243Screenwriting Fundamentals [APC]3Sophomore standing
WR 248Intro Writing in Genres [APC]3Sophomore standing
WR 281Writing in the Community [AEH]4WR 121
WR 310Selected Topics in Writing (with approval)1 to 6
WR 329Grant Writing1 to 3WR 121 or equivalent & Sophomore standing
WR 348Intermediate Writing in the Genres4WR 248 & Junior or Senior standing
WR 440Advanced Writing Workshop4WR 341 or WR 342
HUM 210/410 or WR 210/409Additional approved writing-focused practicavariable

Total credits required for minor: 30

If the requirements for the minor are not met at the time of graduation, the minor will not be awarded.

Minor creation through EPCC April 2022 – starts summer 2022