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Master of Science in Education w/Dyslexia Concentration

Master of Science in Education with Dyslexia Concentration


Program Requirements:

36 graded credit hours are required for the Master of Science in Education – Dyslexia Concentration.

A minimum grade of “C” is required in all courses counting toward the degree and a cumulative GPA of at least a 3.00 is required to complete the degree.

All courses need to be taken within 10 years of degree completion

Upon approval of the program coordinator a maximum of 12 credits may be transferred from another institution into the Master of Science program and counted toward either the concentration or electives.

Admission into the MS in Education program is required for this concentration.

Course NumberCourse TitleCreditsPrerequisites
ED 520Research Methods in Education4 Graduate Standing
ED 521Literature Review I3ED 520
ED 522Literature Review II3ED 520, 521
ED 523MS Research Project5ED 520, 521 & 522

Complete the following 15 credits required for the Dyslexia Concentration

Course NumberCourse TitleCreditsPrerequisites
ED 590Foundation of Language, Literacy & Dyslexia3
ED 591Dyslexia & the Brain3ED 590
ED 592Assessing Dyslexia for Intervention3ED 590 & 591
ED 593Intervention Methods for Dyslexia3ED 590 & 591
ED 594Field Placement for Dyslexia Assessment3ED 590 & 591

Elective credits can be any ED 500/600 level course, except initial teacher preparation courses (MAT). See your advisor for course options. Some course examples are:

Course NumberCourse TitleCreditsPrerequisites
ED 514Foundations Education3
ED 560Foundations of Literacy Learning3
ED 561Emergent Literacy3
ED 562Literacy in the Elementary Grades3
ED 564Literature in the Literacy Program3
ED 567Spelling Matters3
ED 568Literacy Leadership36 credits in ED 560/561/562/564/581
ED 570Foundations of Trauma & Identity in Education3
ED 571Building a Trauma-Invested School Community3
ED 572Trauma-Invested Classroom Learning Environment3
ED 573Assessment-Based Curriculum3
ED 574Technology in Trauma-Invested Communities3
ED 575Clinical Practice: Trauma in Educational Communities3
ED 581Adolescent Literacy3
ED 582Literacy Assessment36 credits in ED 560/561/562/564/581
ED 587Curriculum Standards and Practices2
ED 588Assessment Issues and Practices2

Total credits required for major: 36

Last EPCC update February 2020

Course title updates (ED 590, 591, 592, 593) made October 2021