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Bachelor of Applied Science in Business

Bachelor of Applied Science in Business

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Complete all Institutional Graduation Requirements (Including University Writing Requirement, Diversity Requirement, General Education Requirement, etc.) as provided at http://www.eou.edu/registrar. BAS students complete 45 general education credits.

Program Requirements: Bachelor of Applied Science in Business is a minimum 66 credit hour degree. A grade of “C-” or better is required for each course counting towards the major, but a cumulative GPA of at least a 2.00 is required for completion of the major. An Associate of Applied Science or Equivalent transfer degree (90 transfer credits) is required to declare this program.

REQUIRED PROGRAM PREREQUISITES: College level writing, college level math, and an Associate of Applied Science or Equivalent transfer degree

The following courses are pre-requisites that are required prior to beginning the program:

Course NumberCourse TitleCreditsPrerequisites
WR 121Academic Composition [GTW] (or equivalent)4WR 115 or WR 121 placement
MATH 105Lotteries and Loans [SMI] (or higher)4MATH 095 or 098

Course NumberCourse TitleCreditsPrerequisites
COM 215Conflict Management [AEH, UWR]3
ECON 115Economics of Social Issues [SSC]5

Course NumberCourse TitleCreditsPrerequisites
BA 312Principles of Marketing4
BA 321Principles of Management4
BA 347Workplace Diversity [DPD]4
BA 411Business Ethics & Society [UWR]4BA 321 & BA 225 or WR 320
BA 451Human Resource Management4BA 321
BA 461Organizational Behavior4BA 321 (or FSA 305, FSA 311, EMSA 311)
BA 462Leaders & Leadership Process4BA 321 (or FSA 305, FSA 311, EMSA 311)
COM 319Leadership Communication3
COM 320Speaking in Modern Organizations [AEH]3
COM 330Are You Listening [AEH]3
COM 340Interview Strategies & Skills [AEH]3
COM 350Public Relations Principles & Practices [UWR]4

Elective courses available to complete the 50 required upper division credits:

Course NumberCourse TitleCreditsPrerequisites
BA 303Information Management4BA 231(formerly BA 131) or CS 161
BA 310Selected Topics1 to 6
BA 313Principles of Finance4BA or ACCT 213, 303, ECON 202 & STAT 243
BA 323Quantitative Business Analysis4BA 231(formerly BA 131) & STAT 243
BA 328Personal Financial Planning4
BA 341Global Agribusiness Management4BA 321
BA 342Agribusiness Marketing4ECON 201, BA 321
BA 343Agribusiness Finance4ECON 202
BA 346Digital Marketing4BA 312
BA 354Administrative Law & Process3
BA 365Marketing Research4BA 303 & 312
BA 380Principles of Global Management4BA 312 & 321
BA 381Operations Management4BA 303, 321 & STAT 243
BA 405Selected Topics3
BA 407Seminar1 to 15
BA 408Job Search Skills1
BA 409Practicum1 to 15BA 312, 321
BA 410Special Topics4
BA 416Legal Issues for Leaders4
BA 450Retailing and Sales4BA 312
BA 454Product Planning & Development4BA 312
BA 455Global Agribusiness Policy & Trade4BA 380
BA 456Global Agribusiness Industry4BA 321
BA 460Entrepreneurship4BA 321
BA 464Promotion Strategy4BA 312
BA 465Consumer Behavior4BA 312
BA 466Managerial Projects5BA 312, 321
BA 471Independent Business Management3BA 321
BA 482Project Management, Planning & Control4BA 321
BA 485International Marketing4BA 312
BA 486International Finance4BA 313
BA 487International Management4BA 321
BA 490Senior Project4BA 225, 312, 313 & 321
BA 498Business Policy & Strategy [UWR]4BA 225, 312, 313 & 321

Total credits required for major: 66

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